#007 OffSize Modern Office Furniture




These oddly shaped pieces may look like something out of the future, but they’re actually modern design furniture meant to encourage productivity in office environments.




Both dynamic and functional, the PROOFF #007 OffSize can become a standing desk, lounge chair and more depending on how you position it.




It’s quite sturdy, so you needn’t worry about it tipping over when you set it up against a wall. Cramped cubicles aren’t fit for social interaction, but #007 OffSize is perfect for unplanned conversations and chit-chat.




You can let your guard down when you’re hanging out with #007 OffSize, and the multiple positions it provides let you stretch your legs, neck and back to be more comfortable.




#007 OffSize is designed by Léon de Lange. Visit Prooff for more information.



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