23 Multifunctional Convertible Sofas

Remember back in the day when choices in sofas were limited to either a two and a half or three seater? Apart from the fabric and color there wasn’t that much to choose. This has changed completely. Modern day sofas have so much more features to offer.

Want a sofa that harbors additional seats? No problem. Looking for a sofa convertible to another type of furniture? It’s available. Need adjustable armrests? Stores got you covered. In order to provide you with an idea of what’s out there we created this list. It’s an overview of the most ingeniously designed, highly functional convertible or modular sofas on the market.

1. Revolve Sofa Bed



This superb sofa can be smoothly transformed from sitting into sleeping and vice versa, through a smooth rotation of 180 *.

Revolve, produced by Kvadra has recieved the RED DOT Award for product design 2012 because of its functionality, usability and extraordinary aesthetics and outstanding production.


2. Sofa V-Two by Juil Kim




By pushing or pulling the shape of the sofa and its functionality can be adjusted. There is also a storage space for magazines or books and other small things. This characteristic sofa has both a minimalistic appearance yet has a lot of body too. The robust sofa with its particular lines and sober grey color and light wood is a true eye-catcher.

Sofa V-Two is a beautiful minimalist design by Juil Kim.


3. Bloc’d Modular Sofa

stylish and functional modular pillow sofa



Bloc’d features 18 upholstered foam modules. Most of these foam shapes are cubes of around 40 cm in length but there are also 3 cuboids and 3 L-shaped modules. By rearranging the couch cushions you get a whole different formation.

Release the inner child in you again and create L-shapes, corner sofas, footrests, and more.We’ve featured this special couch before. Here’s more in-depth info about Bloc’d.


4. Slow Sofa with Integrated Side Table




Another piece that utilizes modular building blocks to let you arrange your ad hoc set up. The minimalist and stylish sofa features an integral low side-table. But it has much more potential set-ups.

Slow Sofa can be reconfigured in various arrangements, including a corner sofa, a footstool or side table. The sofa is made by craftsmen from natural sustainable materials. Made by Holland-based designer Frederik Roijé.


5. MOMENT Sofa Or DiningTable




We could imagine this futuristic looking sofa being part of a Star Trek film set or another scifi environment. The Livdin sofa, also referred to as Moment Sofa can be easily converted from a sofa in a dining table.

This smart piece of multifunctional furniture has been designed by Terrence Seah for “Submit A Design” from Tuvie. The name “Lived In” which stands for live and dine suits extremely well on this multifunctional piece of furniture.


6. Slot Sofa Nests Table and Additional Seats




Nesting is a trusty trick up the sleeve of multipurpose furniture designers. Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk is a text book example of how nesting is perfectly executed. Into the slots on this sofa fits a stylish plywood table, which can function as both a coffee table, pouf for two or as a table in the middle, which is perfect for a laptop, coffee or telephone.

Thereby, within the base of the sofa are two cushions, which are equipped with magnets, so they do not shift, which can serve as ottoman.


7. Infinito Modulair Seating System





Infinito modular blocks are another recurrent phenomenon in the world of dynamic furniture design. Here we have Infinito which consists of three separate geometric elements that are connected to each other by elastic bands.

These basic units can be converted in numerous ways to create a seating arrangement of your own choice and preferences, from bank to armchair, from bed to chaise longue. Varying with colors adds to your creative possibilities. Do you want more information?


8. Float Sofa and Screen




Float is a colorful sofa with modular arms and headrests. Its funky back can also serve as a room divider. In addition, two hangers can be hung on the high back as if it were a wall. It does remind us somewhat of a dollhouse sofa, but in a good way. A very good way.

Float Sofa, designed by Karim Rashid, convokes nostalgia with its playfulness and friendly appearance.


9. Scaffold Sofa and Bookshelf







Scaffold: a multifunctional sofa that can be used as sofa and bookshelf. Entirely hand made of solid wood and equipped with interchangeable cushions available in different colors.

Designed by André Teoman for Portugal-based Studio WeWood.


10. Modern Sectional Sofa






This Modern Sectional Sofa, including two corner chairs, two armless chairs and one ottoman, features ten setup options and is covered in light grey fabric. Moreover, it is a very stylish and minimalist design, making it an eyecatcher in your livingroom.


11. Halfway Extensible Sofa






Let your imagination run wild and create according to your wishes and needs your own unique minimalist seating. Depending on the combination of the modular pieces HALFWAY can become an ottoman, a daybed, a multi-seater sofa or a large seating platform.

HALFWAY is an extensible sofa series which consists of 900 mm wide units with a height of more than and with upholstery stronger than conventional sofas. The covering fabric is a quality material with a unique pattern of white, gray and black wires. According to Manifacturer Karimoku Halfway truly is the “sofa with no restrictions.”


12. Prime Sofa Table and Chairs



Prime sofa is another piece with futuristic appeal. It wouldn’t be out of place in The Jetson’s home. Or in a highly elegant minimalist interior for that matter. Prime sofa includes two lounge chairs, one coffee table and a footrest, all-in-one.

The modules can be pushed out from the sides and from the front. When all modules are pulled out, the seating area has doubled. Like this idea? Make sure to check out Prime Sofa.


13. Prado Sofa




Are you tired of scrunching down on the couch in an attempt to get comfortable? Are the backrests that are supposed to support you just in the way? Customize your furniture experience with the Prado Sofa.

This modular sofa system includes movable backrests that let you adjust them to your comfort. Each backrest is removable should you want to use the sofa as a daybed or extra sleeping space.


14. Bibik Loft Sofa with Movable Armrests




Bibik Loft is a multifunctional large sofa with movable elbow rests, which can be positioned differently in relation to the seats. Due to the different settings of the arm rests against the chairs, Bibik Loft can be used as a classic sofa in the living room, bed or furniture for waiting rooms.

Read more about the sizes, colors and prices at Noti.


15. VARY Configurable Modular Sofa


Vary Sofa



The foam modules can be arranged in a number of different ways to create different configurations. That’s why this sofa with its minimalist look offers many opportunities to sit, lie down or work with your laptop or iPad.

Vary Sofa is designed by Nina Bruun.


16. Sosia Highly Versatile Sofa




Made of a flexible fabric Sosia sofa can be transformed into a variety of different shapes. Sosia is extremely versatile, it can become a sofa, a two-seater or a sheltered bed. Therefore Sosia is an outcome for less roomy spaces.

Created by designer Emanuele Magini for the Italian furniture company Campeggi.


17. Zig Flexible Furniture




Zig is a modular furniture line that literally exists of building blocks. With the rectangular-shaped cushions you can let your imagination run wild. The minimalistic components allow you to create your own sofa’s, chairs, beds or other forms you fancy. With straps and belts the cushioned blocks are bound together.

We have written before about these wonderful modular blocks for your home. Read more about Zig block furniture.


18. Westminster Sofa BED


The Westminster Convertible Sofa Bed has a sleek design and the perfect size for a small living room. Need a bed for one of the guests? Not a problem, you can do it all with the Westminster sofa bed, which can easily be converted into a sofa bed by using a click-clack mechanism.

The couch cushions are firm and comfortable, and the back adjusts into three positions – upright, flat, and recline. A clever and well-designed sofa that’s not only appreciated by cartoon characters.


19. Love (Me) Tender by Patricia Urquiola





Two and three-seat sofas can be combined in different configurations. The construction of this particular sofa consists of an aluminum frame and round wooden legs. Added are a few easy to mount interchangeable parts and an abundance of pillows, tables and horizontal surfaces.

With its elegant shapes and pastel shades this piece has a ’50s tinge to it. But that association could be personal. Anyway, Love (me) Tender Sofa is another excellent design of Patricia Urquiola.


20. Rodolfo Modular Sofa





Rodolfo Sofa of the ThESIGN range is a contemporary modular sofa system composed of three types of modules, a folding,seat/bed, a steel rod frame and an ottoman/backrest. Endless seating combinations can be created, depending on the wishes and needs, from a chaise lounge to an extensive seating solution is for more persons.

Using the modules from ThESIGN it is possible to create seating for several people, even in small spaces. Check it out at LOVEThESIGN.


21. Do-Lo-Rez Modular Sofa







Do-Lo-Rez Sofa by Ron Arad is composed of several soft, square or rectangular based cube- units of various heights. The units are arranged in rows having the shape of the bank, and attached to a platform with steel pins.

The modules can be rearranged to form a great variety of forms and compositions.


22. Sofa Float





The Sofa Float is the perfect lounger sofa for a lazy Sunday nap, but it can also be a functional workspace or study area should the mood strike you.

Removable backrest cushions can be placed on either end of the sofa, perched on the end tables built into the frame, allowing you to lay down for a nice snooze after a hard day’s work. Snatch a magazine out of the sofa’s built-in cubbies and peruse it in total cushioned comfort.


23. Sofa Concentré de Vie



A box frame with soft modules form this versatile sofa. The soft features can be used completely independently from the box frame. The two square modules can serve as armrest, footrest or pouf and the two L-shaped cushions for relaxation. Concentré de Vie designed by Matali Crasset for Campeggi is also very suitable as furniture for small apartments.

More info and photos at Italian design furniture company Campeggi.




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