5+5 Lamp With Flexible Elements




When you think “lamp,” does the image of a semi-rounded porcelain base topped with a dusty old lampshade enter your mind?

If so, you must see the 5 + 5 Lamp by Oikimus.




The 5 + 5 Lamp is a dynamic geometric creation cast in neutral colors perfect to coordinate with any décor.

The stunning element of this lighting solution is that it is comprised of three dimensional rectangular and triangular shapes that are fully adjustable.


Oikimus design light


There is something very familiar about 5 + 5’s appearance, yet it’s unlikely you have ever seen a lighting element quite like this.




If a Rubik’s Cube and your old desk lamp had offspring, the result might look something like the 5 + 5.




The lamp’s hinges interconnect its geometric elements and allow for 360 degree adjustments.




You can twist and rotate 5 + 5 to create a custom shape that will fit seamlessly on any surface, in any corner, or hanging from your wall or ceiling.




More info about this stunning lamp at Oikimus Design.



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