Smaller living is much more than a necessity for those living in urban areas. Living in micro-apartments, tiny homes, small houses on wheels, shoe boxes, and other little spaces is a trend that brings people more freedom.

Freedom because of less costs, less demand on our planet, less rooms to clean, and thus more money to do things you like, to travel, to work less, to do things that really move you.

Multifunctional furniture is an interesting part of this global trend. It’s where design and functionality meet. The most gorgeous, artistic creations that are highly functional at the same time, are sprouting like mushrooms in fall. See for example these multifunctional furniture ideas.

Think about space-saving transformable modular tables that function as storage too. Perhaps some modern office seats that allow you more freedom of movement? Or this elegant rocking chair and cradle in one.

Here at vurni we want to show you the most stunning, most ingenious, most useful pieces of furniture that are coming out. Vurni, where form meets function, where art meets practicality, where things we own stimulate freedom instead of the other way round. In other words, space saving, flexibility increasing, environment friendly, multipurpose design furniture at its best.


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