These 15 Stunning Coat Racks May Be Too Sleek For Your Hallway

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet often, when it comes to the first impression our home makes, we don’t walk the talk.

Ugly coat racks that almost succumb under the jackets and shoes thoughtlessly kicked in a corner are pretty standard.

These stylish hallway coat racks allow you to impress visitors with your sophisticated taste. Some models feature shelves for extra storage but all of them will make your guests slowly nod in admiration. These splendid pieces infer the end of our hallways being the neglected stepchild of interior design.


1.FORC Coat Stand


Beech wood is an amazing material to build furniture with. Even its smell is refreshing, and it has the benefit of being very solid and non-porous. The FORC Coat Stand uses this durable wood in a very sturdy tripod design to create an efficient coat rack that can stand up to wear and tear.

Several notches protrude from each of the poles to hold coats, scarves and more, and there’s also a tray on the bottom to keep track of keys and other loose objects.


2. Hang-ON Coat Rack


I would love to have a ‘forest’ made entirely of this coat tree. The Hang-ON Coat Rack looks like a glistening copper tree that delicately holds your hat or coat with its elegant branches.

The slender metal poles are held in place by a solid cement base, meaning your coat rack is very unlikely to ever tip over. Aside from durability, Hang-On has plenty of ‘branches’ for all of your favorite outerwear and accessories.


3. Palitus Hanger

This artistic, sculptural coat rack is easily placed in the epicenter of any room, or stuffed into an empty corner where the maximization of space is necessary. The Palitus Hanger is perfect for anyone who is designing an artfully modern home, or has someone that does not believe in closets.

You can hang anything from work clothes at the end of the day all the way to hats on this beautifully-designed piece, and it will always attract a smile from those entering your home.


4. Stan Coat Rack optimizes hallways in style





Stan Coat Rack is a minimalist and sustainable coat rack with a big container box and handy little boxes.

The color contrast of the elements , wood and white lacquer, emphasizes the different functions of the coat rack. Designed by Italian-based architect Giancarlo Cutello.


5. Wood Coat Rack Hall Tree



The Wood Coat Rack Hall Tree is an innovative, modern take on the old-fashioned coat rack. It looks like an elk tree with branches to which different garments can be hung.

Equipped with 8 hooks and suitable not only for your hallway but for multiple rooms in your home. Sturdy and strong enough for winter jackets and heavy bags, yet with a stylish look.


6. The Leaning Loop with exchangeable board





Leaning Loop is a modular clothing hanger and shelf, with magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard or mirror and shoe shelf. Handcrafted of solid hardwood leans it perfectly on its own without wall attachment.

Not only suitable for hallways, but also for apartments, bedrooms, bathroom or studio work areas. Dimensions: 72t x 24w x 13d /183cm x 61cm x 33cm.

Delivery is possible only in Canada and the continental US. Check it out at Leaning Loop.


7. Piano Coat Rack with hooks at different levels





Piano Coat Rack is a wall-mounted coat and clothing rack with hooks at different levels, so even a kid easily can hang up his clothes.

The coat rack is available in two sizes and in black, white or natural finish.


8. Stekko Coat Rack suitable for anywhere in your home





Stekko is suitable for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and for apartments.

Designer Eduardo Alessi about Stekko:

 ‘Stekko is a valet stand, coat and shoe rack. Easy to use and move, with its slim figure it is the right furniture piece for those who have little space but do not want to leave clothes, shoes, bags around. A simple idea, yet ingenious, not bulky, practical. Stekko is just leaned against the wall and is smart and eco-friendly design’.

More info at CrowdyHouse.


9. Flippy With Folding Hooks



Flippy is an amazing coat rack with nine hooks which can be flipped over when not in use.


10. Tojbox Wardrobe beautiful Danish design





Designed by Woud, a new Danish brand, Tojbox Wardrobe is made of soap treated oak and measures 112 x 38 x 200 cm.

Read more about this stylish Danish design at The Modern Shop.


11. Twist coat stand can be flipped





Twist can be mounted in two different ways in which forms the wooden panel or a coat or a stabilizing base. Made of of American ash gives Twist the entrance area a warm appearance.

Designed by Robert Bronwasser for the Dutch manufacturer Cascando.


12. Merkled Coat Rack


This minimalist coat rack is designed for functionality, sleek for a professional and modern look, and durable enough to hold even the heaviest of coats for years at a time.

The open middle is the perfect place to store umbrellas, while hats and coats can be hung up on the various racks and posts that this beautiful piece of furniture has to offer. The Merkled Coat Rack is easy to assemble, and come in an array of customizable colors.


13. Bamboo with adjustable hooks





Bamboo, designed by Peter van de Water has a steel base and hooks made of matt white nylon.

The hooks are adjustable and be fastened using the rubber ring. Available in two sizes and different colors. For more info visit Cascando.




The 9 Hook Clothes Coat Stand Rack is an innovative, modern take on the old-fashioned coat rack. It looks like a tree with branches to which different garments and accessories can be hung.

This modular, functional standing rack is made of high quality waterproof wood, requires no screws or glue and is easy to assemble.
It fits perfectly in a corner of an entryway or bedroom without taking to much space. A great solution for people who need every inch of living space.


15. Pin Flag minimalist design





Pin Flag designed by Oliver Bahr consists of a square-shaped base on which any number of rods may be inserted.

The base is made of cast concrete and the rods are solid untreated ash or oiled walnut.




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