7 Baby Rocking Cradles

All mothers know the all-nighter. Hours of crying and trying to comfort your little one are of no avail, and all you go to work the next day exhausted. You want your baby to sleep soundly; after all, that means you get uninterrupted sleep as well! Never fear; we’ve gathered six ingenious rocking cradles for babies that will have them snoozing in no time.


1. So-Ro Walnut Cradle


The So-Ro Walnut Cradle is the Mercedes-Benz of child furniture, and for many reasons. This elegantly designed baby cradle combines form and function to create the best sleeping environment for your baby without having to sacrifice other trend-setting room accessories.

Handles on both ends let you easily rock your baby to sleep in total comfort so you can get back to counting sheep in your own bed.


2. Dream On Me Rocking Cradle



Sweet dreams don’t have to come in a caviat of modern designs or flashy accessories; sometimes, all you need is a classic design to do the job. The Dream On Me Rocking Cradle makes no illusions with its design.

Its comfort and natural structure mimics the same baby cradle you had as a child, and the steady rocking back and forth was always enough to soothe you. It’s the only cradle you’ll ever need.


3. Graco Little Lounger


Graco’s Little Lounger gives you two great products packaged into one easy-to-use rocking cradle. For nighttime, the lounger functions as a baby cradle that gently rocks your tired infant into dreamland.

Daytime naps are no problem when you use the cradle as a stationary vibrating lounger. If our parents had this type of technology when we were younger, naptime would have been much less stressful!


4. Rockid: Cradle & Rocking Chair


Everybody knows that the swinging undulation peculiar to a cradle quickens your baby’s onset of shuteye. What’s better than enjoying the process of lulling your baby into sleep even more by gently swinging yourself into a deeper phase of relaxation too?

Featuring a crib on one end and a chair on the other, Rockid is a nifty piece of multipurpose furniture. Created by Dutch designers Ontwerpduo.


5. Fisher-Price Cradle-N-Swing



Holy mother of baby cradles! This Fisher-Price Suspended Rocker looks complex, but there’s nothing complicated about how it soothes your baby to sleep with one easy push of a button.

Your baby gets a choice of side-to-side or back and forth rocking, eight different lullabies, six swinging speeds, and calming nature sounds. When awake, your baby will be delighted with three animal toys that dangle above them, making this Fisher Price’s most versatile cradle.


6. Rocking Duo


This is the only baby cradle I’ve seen that can be used past your infant’s crawling years. Aside from its striking design, including thick rails that keep your baby firmly in place, this wonder of functional design does a magic trick – it splits into two rocking chairs!

The Plus Function Rocking Duo is perfect for when your child’s toddler years or if you have twins. It’s like getting three products in one!


7. Roll Suspended Cradle


Roll Suspended Cradle by Woodly is multifunctional. When the child has outgrown the crib, Roll need not be discarded, but there are new applications.

The birch shell can be magazine holder. And upside a little table in the nursery. The tripod can be installed with sheets around as a play tent for the kids or with transparent plastic sheet as a small greenhouse.


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