Balka Console Curvy Rugged Design Table With Storage Pouch

design table with storage by French designer Gregoire da Lafforest
tables can look sexy too


We tend to collect all kinds of little things and stuff around us. Even if you’re good at discarding things you really don’t need you’ll probably have this pack of mints, that loose change, or those little notes lying around.

Balka console provides a stylish and fun way to hide this little clutter. Just slide them via the wide groove into the attractive pouch.

Get your stuff out easily by pulling the pouch.


your keys conveniently at reach


Its design consists of a gorgeous combination of angular and curvaceous lines.The exterior, the table itself is masculine with its angular lines. The inner core, the soft yellow colored pouch, basically its essence, is feminine.

Balka is not only functional. This higly stylized table’s curved lines provoke a feeling of pleasure. This is not just me rambling, there’s science that backs my claim.

Studies show that curvilinear furniture induces considerably higher pleasure as well as approach ratings among test persons. Most people tend to feel more positive towards rounded shapes.

Participants say they make furniture look comfortable and inviting and for some people the curved designs result in a calming feel.


slide and hide


A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that men and women when viewing such spaces fired up activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, an area of the brain associated with aesthetic judgments.

This design is exiting because its contrast.

Keeping your littlest belongings at one place is always a good idea. With Balka, by French designer, Gregoire da Lafforest, it’s done in style too.

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