6 Best Sit-To-Stand Desks

Did you know that sitting at a computer all day is bad for your back? Now that you know, what should you do about it? Get a sit-to-stand desk, of course!

These desks can be used in either a sitting or a standing position so that you can stretch your legs, have better posture, and promote better spinal health – all at the same time!


1. Elevar Quickshift

Unlike some other sit-to-stand desks, the Elevar Quickshift doesn’t have preset height adjustments. The gas spring system lets you adjust it to any height within the desk’s total range.

Quickshift works with any existing desk and maintains a compact size for small spaces or narrow desks. Two levels give you a place for both your laptop/monitor and keyboard, and you can even adjust the keyboard tray to the left or right.


2. X-Elite Pro

Sturdiness and durability are important in a desk. Even if your current desk is a little wobbly, the X-Elite Pro sit-to-stand desk is built to last. The height is adjusted using a pump system that’s both dependable and easy to use.

X-Elite’s work surface is pretty big, so you can put multiple items on it. Its X-bar design keeps it sturdy and balanced while you work.


3. Lorell Sit-To-Stand Monitor Riser

Do you already have a desk? No problem! Lorell’s Sit-To-Stand Monitor Riser works in conjunction with your current desk by elevating the monitor and keyboard. You can also use it for your laptop if you like, or you can place two monitors on the bi-level risers.

The height of the riser has five different settings to accommodate various user heights. The best thing? It comes fully assembled and ready to go!


4. ReadyDesk2

This sit-to-stand desk has one of the biggest work surfaces I’ve seen. It can fit two huge monitors on the upper level, and you’ve got plenty of room for your keyboard, laptop, mouse and pencil cup on the lower level.

Readydesk2 is pleasantly simple; instead of a mechanical adjusting system, you just have to slide the levels into whichever slot height is right for you.


5. ErgoDriven

Are you shopping for a sit-to-stand desk with a small budget? ErgoDriven Spark is a very basic standing desk riser that is both economical and highly functional.

It’s made from cardboard, so you never have to worry about rusting metal parts, broken glass or jammed mechanics. ErgoDriven Spark is perfect for college students and those living in small apartments. While it’s not height adjustable, it does come in three different sizes.


6. Halter ED-600

You can take any ordinary table or desk and transform it into a height-adjustable office desk with the Halter ED-600.

It comes preassembled so that you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions, and you can get straight to work in a flat minute. The height is adjusted using a set of squeeze handles that lock the desk into place once you let go.


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