14 Best Sleeper Chairs For Small Spaces

The sleeper chair, the little cousin of the sleeper sofa provides maximum living flexibility in the minimum amount of space. Beds, although essential furniture, are space hoggers. Which is why the sleeper chair is such a great invention.

They let offer your guests a place to crash comfortably. They let you take a restful nap during a hectic work day. Whether you need a snug place to wind down in your home office, or want to provide your guest with a slouchy bed, these 14 sleeper chairs are currently the best you can get.


1. Dice Futon Chair




Rest yourself in a comfortable sofa bed without the constraint of a hard wooden frame. The Dice Futon Chair is a plush, cozy way to spend your days and nights. It won’t take up half of your living room like a full-size sofa bed, and the unique design makes it quite the functional statement piece.


2. Rodolfo Seat Bed






The Rodolfo modular seat/bed is the minimalist’s perfect companion. What takes up no more room than a sofa cushion is a daybed in disguise. Transforming a comfortable seat into a place to sleep is as simple as unfolding the cushion. You’ll be living large in your small space with this unobtrusive furniture piece.


3. Cortesi Chair Futon






The Cortesi Chair Futon is the epitome of chic and modern rolled up into a space-saving couch and daybed. The firm cushions support your back, whether folded down as a bed or scrunched up as a loveseat. It’s perfect for overnight stays that don’t take up precious apartment space.


4. Emily Leather Chaise Lounger




Say goodbye to stuck-on stains on your chair bed! The Emily Chaise Lounger is easy to clean and comes with a luxurious design for cheap. Unlike other chaise loungers, it makes a cozy place to take an afternoon nap that won’t wreak havoc on your neck and back.


5. Fresh Futon Nido




The Fresh Futon Nido convertible chair/bed is one big half-circle of fun. By day, it’s a soft cradle of plush comfort to rest your weary body on as you watch TV.

By night, however, it transforms into a cozy sleeping spot that’s better than any air mattress. This futon is great for anyone living in studio apartments or small spaces that want to have a friend sleep over.


6. Sweet Seat


At first glance, the Sweet Seat looks like an upmarket version of the fold-out foam sleeper chairs which were a staple of 1990s college dorms. In fact, it’s a cleverly-designed bundle of high-density foam blocks which can be rearranged into a variety of shapes.

You can push the blocks together into a chair shape and fix them in place with the elastic straps included, or take off the straps and rearrange the blocks into a flat bed.


7. Beanbag Sleeper Chair


Unzip the side of the Beanbag Chair, give it a good shake, and out pops a full-sized double mattress. Roll up the mattress like a taco, slip the cover back on, and your mattress is a beanbag again.

This space-saving sleeper chair is great for a teenager’s room. The mattress is filled with soft foam, so it can be squished into any oddly-shaped corner – great for parties in small spaces.


8. Benny Cotton Chair Bed





Nothing says “comfy” like the soft touch of cotton. The Benny cotton chair-bed molds to your shape to give you ultimate comfort in either a sitting or lounging position. It’s perfect for reading rooms or sun rooms where you can kick back with a nice cup of coffee or tea.


9. Zipline Sleeper Chair




Multifunctional doesn’t even begin to cover it. The Zipline Sleeper Chair serves as anything from an ottoman to a coffee table to a modern daybed. Large rectangular curtains give this design an edge (no pun intended) and a modular appeal that will satisfy even the pickiest decorators.


10. Tattomi Chaise Lounge


The space-saving Tattomi Chaise Lounge Chair is as comfortable as bundled clouds. You can unfold and fold it a number of different ways, each just as cozy and cushioned as the next. As far as floor chairs go, this one is a hit!

It almost reminds me of a Japanese Tatami mat, which is probably where the name Tattomi came from. A taste of Asian design meets a little French inspiration in this beautifully designed chaise lounge.


11. Giantex Flip Out Lounger Bed

Don’t let the movies fool you; dorms are NOT a haven of space where you can decorate to your heart’s content. That’s why you need furniture like the Giantex Fold-Out Chair Bed.

It’s also really handy for those with small apartments or who just need an extra bed when they have a friend over. Short on space? Not a problem! This fold-out lounger hardly uses any and folds up when not in use.


12. New York Chair Bed




If you want to place yourself in the lap of luxury, look no further than the New York Convertible Chair Bed. The faux leather finish and easy-to-use folding mechanism will have you lounging for hours in this premium quality chair. Butler not included.


13. Tri-Fold Folding Sofa Bed




The super-portable Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa Bed fits perfectly into any living space, big or small. College students who need some extra cushion or visitors looking for a comfy place to sleep will love the lounging capabilities of this versatile and space-saving sofa bed.


14. Up-Lift Armchair




You’ll just “flip” for this armchair bed. Up-Lift Prostoria easily transforms into the perfect daybed by raising the chair’s back up and over. The plush curves will cradle you in total comfort as you lounge after a hard day’s work or take a quick snooze before a night out.




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