Bricks Standing Bookcase

I’m definitely one of those people who is proud of my book collection, but I’ve never had a really good display bookshelf.

Well, if I ever get my hands on this brilliant piece, that’s exactly where my books are going.

Bricks standing by Gerard De Hoop is a grid pattern bookcase that’s very selective in the amount of books it holds.

If you have some classic novels, or you just want to show off your manga collection, they’ll be right at home here.

An infinite number of bars twine together in quadrilateral shapes to create a living, breathing bookshelf that can hold entire collections of novels and coffee table tomes.

With a dizzying grid pattern that’s as functional as it is striking, it won’t take long for you to be the envy of your neighbors.



The Bricks Standing¬†book shelf is a solid wall of modular storage that’s truly a beauty to behold.


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