Origami Chair Stool Combo


Origami chair by Brouhaus
Origami chair doubles as a stool


Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. It’s obvious that this chair has an intricate design too. Just like with paper, this chair’s shape can be altered too. Even though it’s only from a chair with backrest to a stool.

The 3mm thin, recycled aluminum strips are laser cut, folded, finished and bolted together to a folded paper-like design.


Origami chair
Origami chair


Transforming this chair into a stool is more than a gimmick though. Contemporary science warns us that too much sitting is seriously unhealthy. Ergonomy experts agree that if standing isnt’ an option then sitting on a backless chair is prefered. Which makes Origami Chair a health promoting artwork too.

Sitting on stools is not only better for your posture, it’s tradition. Humans have used stools for centuries before chairs became common.

Different colors can be chosen for each of the three aluminum components thus allowing for abundant color combinations.



Origami Chair is designed by Dutch architect Jan Brouwer and product designer Chris Karthaus.


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