Comfortable Space Saving Guest Beds

So many homeowners have decided to forego the traditional guest room in favor of other uses for their space. It’s a shame, really, because these foldable double size guest beds make anyone’s stay enjoyable. Comfort and convenience are always in style – especially when you use these multifunctional furniture pieces.


1. Slash Folding Sofa Bed


I’m really excited about this foldable guest bed because not only does it have some of the comfiest cushions around, but you can also use the pieces for pillow forts!

The Slash Folding Sofa Bed has four seat cushions in oblong shapes that sit atop an extendable metal frame. By day, it’s a cozy chaise lounge; by night, it’s the coolest sofa bed around. Also, did I mention that you can use it for pillow forts? Because you can.


2. Zinus Folding Guest Bed


I can personally attest to the quality of Zinus (I have their folding box spring), and it’s no surprise that their guest bed is also top notch. The Zinus Folding Guest Bed scoots around on wheels when not in use, folded up like a close-faced sandwich and secured with hooks.

When it’s needed, it takes mere seconds to unfold. With a five inch memory foam mattress, it’s incredibly comfortable and supportive.


3. Tri-Fold Mattress Sofa Bed


The super-portable Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa Bed fits perfectly into any living space, big or small. College students who need some extra cushion or visitors looking for a comfy place to sleep will love the lounging capabilities of this versatile and space-saving sofa bed.





This ottoman is not just tailored to your every whim, but it houses a bed for anyone to sleep on whenever you need a bed and do not have one.

The iBED Ottoman Guest Bed is customizable to you, from leg height to the filling all the way down to fabric and color, and then the sturdy hardware is installed to make sure that the bed it contains is kept safe and comfortable.


5. HomCom Futon Sleeper Sofa


This folding sleeper sofa is perfect for teens’ and kids’ rooms. Whether your child is hosting a sleepover or there are relatives visiting, the HomCom Folding Futon rises to the occasion.

It unfolds easily when you want it to, and all you have to do to clean it is remove the outer cover, which is machine washable. You’ll never be a pillow short – the futon comes with two of its own!






Polyester furniture is still in style thanks to some creative designers. Tied together with elastic bands and decorated in a rather fabulous fabric, the Trix Lounge Chair is everything most contemporary furniture is not.

You can use it as a lounger, impromptu guest bed, or a cozy spot for Netflix and chill. When you’re done using it, all you have to do is fold it up and out of the way. Trix Polyester Lounge Chair designed by Piero Lissoni for Kartell.


7. LUCID Floor Sofa


If you want a comfortable folding guest bed that’s light and mobile, the LUCID Floor Sofa is just the thing to complete your space. This comfy sofa is completely ‘sans legs’, and it comes with an 8-inch foam mattress that’s just begging for you to sleep on it.

As mobile as it is, with a weight of only 40 pounds, it’s easy to get up and go to another room with it. Rearranging your family room is no longer a hassle as it would be with bulky couches, so enjoy the freedom of the LUCID Floor Sofa – you deserve to!


8. Doc Sofa Bunk Bed


This sofa is converted into a bunk bed in only a few seconds. How about that for multifunctionality? From a comfortable sofa into two beds and the transformation will literally take you less time than putting on your pyjamas.

See the short video below on how quickly you can change your living room into a bedroom.

More info at BonBon Compact Living Solutions.



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