11 Customizable Wall Storage Boards

Utilizing wall space for storage is not only very efficient but can add to the atmosphere of your home too.  Especially the following modular wall storage systems can make your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and garage more space-efficient, organized, and clean-looking.


1. Kerf  Wall






Wouldn’t it be great if you could live a life where you aren’t stuck with the same old cabinets in the same old spot? The Kerf Wall is slotted to allow for cabinet placement wherever you so choose.

Plain maple wood on the outside, bright laminate coloring on the inside, the Kerf Wall cubbies can be rearranged to suit your needs at any given time. Installation is quick and easy, no hassle involved


2. Honey-Can-Do Starter Kit





Your shirt pocket was always keep your most precious possessions close to you, and now your living space can know the same comfort.

The Honey-Can-Do Starter Kit uses ‘pockets’ to hold all the knick knacks you need on hand, and no drilling or nailing is necessary. Perch uses command strips to keep your walls flawless, making this a great addition to apartments or rented homes.


3. Bang Bang Pegboard





What a fun idea! Bang Bang Pegboard is a playful furniture piece that becomes a shelving system, wardrobe, office accessory and more. Elements fitted with pegs slide easily into any spot on the pegboard and arrange themselves to fit your unique needs.

Why have shelving that takes up most of your space when you can have the Bang Bang Pegboard? It’s a small space match made in heaven.


4. Wall Control Office Organizer





No two office spaces are alike, so why should furniture be a one-size-fits-all design? The Wall Control Office Organizer lets you mold your storage system into something you can work with. You’ve got enough stress without having to struggle with storage.

This organizer has everything well in hand, and each shelf can be rearranged quickly when you need a change. You can even use magnets, giving you even more choices for accessories.


5. Pinorama  Wall Storage





It’s a warm, cozy feeling when an accessory fits you to a tee. Pinorama is a completely customizable storage system that holds all the little trinkets you don’t know where to put, but that isn’t all.

Pinorama also functions as a quirky art piece that lets you decorate your walls with items you already have. The adjustable elements, such as cork shelving and a pencil cup, can be attached to any open slots.


6. We Do Wood Scoreboard





With this handy wardrobe, you’ll never use a closet again. Completely customize how many hooks and hanging points you want with the We Do Wood Scoreboard, mixing and matching patterns whenever you want.

The wardrobe can be mounted to any wall in your home and will easily detach to move rooms if necessary. The multi-colored pegs vary in length and can be fitted to any space in the board, which can be hung vertically or horizontally.


7. Umbra Metal Bulletin Board




Your workspace deserves a place to put those wonderful pictures of your family. Taping them to the walls of your cubicle can damage the photos, but the Umbra Bulletin Board holds them gently within its durable design.

This bulletin board is made of a sturdy metal that holds notes, photos and other paper items firmly in its grip. Umbra can also be mounted both vertically and horizontally.


8. IMEUBLE Modular Floating





Remember the feeling of that one furniture piece that jumped out at you when you saw it? The Imeuble most certainly does, but it’s not just because of its eye-catching design. Imeuble by Bjørn Jørund Bliksta is a two-dimensional wall storage system that looks as if it’s in 3D!

Hexagonal shapes have the illusion of being a three-dimensional cube, and it’s only until you see it up close that the spell is broken. It’s clever and functional – just what you need!


9. Wahlr Universal Pegwall System



Who says you have to renovate an entire room to breathe new life into it? Wahlr requires only two peg panel walls to create intriguing design and infuse ingenuity into rooms of all sorts, from a bedroom or home office to a busy cafe.

Business owners can show off a truly unique focal point in their store. Homeowners can save space and express their individuality with the movable, rearranging shelving units.


10. Magnetika Wall Panel System





Magnetika is more than just a series of enlarged refrigerator magnets; it’s also a revolutionary wall storage system that makes shelving items easy and enjoyable.

Magnetika Living Room has an unique design for just about any room in your home, from an entryway surprise to a complete kitchen cupboard set. Different elements allow rearrangements for different occasions and moods, and each is easily attachable to the metal wall backing that comes with your Magnetika kit.


11. Peg -It-All





You’re a unique individual, like the rest of the special snowflakes on Earth, and you want to show off your personality with just about everything – even your furniture.

The Peg-It-All Pegboards gives you full control over how your shelves look by offering movable shelves you can mix and match. Cute and playful, Peg-It-All shelves let you express your personality the way you should have always been able to.




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