Ecal Fibre Cement Stool


a high quality product


No one can ever say that the Ecal Stool isn’t durable. After all, it’s made out of solid fibre cement. Granted, some may see this as an impediment, what with the difficulty of moving it from spot to spot, but it’s meant for more than just an indoor centerpiece.


there is also the Ecal table


The Ecal Stool is also made for outdoor use, where rain and weather won’t be able to beat it down anymore than inside of your building. Perfect for businesses, hospitals and other public entities, this stool will stand the test of time as both comfortable seating and a monument to its own durability.


suitable for indoor and outdoor

Truth be told, it only weighs 8 kilograms (approximately 17.6 pounds), making it lighter than it looks. It’s a design feat the fashion world will be talking about for ages.

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cement and design: a great combination


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