6 Ergonomic Chairs & Desks For Children

Children love to move. Running around, climbing trees, turning cartwheels: it’s always hard to get them to sit still, and if their desk or chair is uncomfortable then it’s almost impossible to keep them in it.

Children’s bones are still developing, so if they sit in positions that put stress on their body there’s a risk they can do permanent damage to themselves. We’ve rounded up eight of the best pieces of office furniture for children.


1. Reo-Smart Elite Alexis Set



The adjustable height desk has a narrow fixed shelf above the large tilting desktop, so kids can tilt their tabletop to write without tipping all their pens onto the floor. The desk is designed to come down gently when it flattens, meaning no risk of trapped fingers.

Another nice touch is the lockable caster wheels on the chair, ideal for fidgety kids who tend to skid around the room when they should be studying. The Reo-Smart Elite Alexis Set is a great value.


2. GreenForest Desk Chair




The GreenForest Desk Chair is ideal for kids who want to feel grown-up. Available in a variety of colors from purple to turquoise, it’s a micro version of an adult’s adjustable desk chair.

A one-touch pneumatic handle allows you to adjust the height and the seat has full 360o rotation, with five sturdy wheels for mobility. Though aimed at kids, it supports up to 200lbs and is also suitable for adults.


3. Vivo Height Adjustable Chair & Desk




The Vivo is an adjustable desk-and-chair set designed to grow with your child. As well as a seat and tabletop which can be raised, the large desktop surface can be tilted for easy writing: cleverly, the top has 1 inch tilt stoppers so that children can adjust it themselves without danger of trapping their fingers.

Made from tough metal alloy rather than flimsy plastic, the Vivo Desk-and-Chair set can stand up to a lot of rough-and-tumble.


4. ApexDesk Height Adjustable Study Desk



Available in 6 mix-and-match colors, the stylish ApexDesk looks like something from an architect’s office rather than a schoolroom.

The desktop is split in two, with one side staying flat for storage and the other rising up to 60 degrees to make the perfect writing angle for right-handed children.


5. Foot Pedal Lifting Chair




The Foot Pedal Lifting Chair is designed to hold kids at the ‘golden angle’ of 15o tilt. There’s an adjustable-height seat with a memory-foam cover, and a footrest which can be flipped out of the way.

Most noticeable are the rucksack-like straps on the seat back, designed to hold kids’ shoulders in place: with over-shoulder straps to prevent hunching and side straps for slouching, you can Velcro your child into position and be sure there’s no risk of them slumping over their schoolwork.


6. Moll Scooter Swivel Chair




The Moll Scooter swivel chair is adjustable in every conceivable way: the height, seat depth, and backrest angle can all be individually customized for total comfort.

The seat is an investment which will keep children comfortable from around the age of 5 until adulthood – at its maximum size, the chair can comfortably seat a large man. The basic model comes with a mesh seat and back, but you can order cushions and covers from a range of two dozen different colors.


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