FOREST Modular Chair Line

FOREST by Svetlana Shyian


The FOREST furniture collection, created by Ukrainian designer Svetlana Shyian, is a modular chair line designed to evoke thoughts of a European forest; crisp spruces laden with snow, and the enormity of forest oak.


FOREST Svetlana Shyian


In the collection are two bench chairs in the rough shape of a trapezium, backed by diagonal slats made from metal tubing, and a larger feature of the same shape, without the backing, that can be used as a sofa.


FOREST design bench


The diagonal slats were constructed with thoughts of a childhood drawing of a Christmas tree in mind, and this is visible when two chairs are placed side-by-side.


FOREST modular furniture


The designer created the line with multifunction in mind, writing that given the base of the chair is hollow, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a bookshelf, coffee table, or even in the hallway for shoe storage.


FOREST versatile furniture


FOREST is designed for easy transport. The metal backing can be detached from the main frames of the chairs and stored in the hollow compartment underneath for easy lifting.


FOREST versatile design furniture


The chairs’ modular nature allow them to be fitted together to create a longer furniture piece and then detached again when additional house guests require it.


FOREST fauteuil


Motre info about Collection mobilier FOREST by designer Svetlana Shyian.



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