HIDEsk Minimal Folding Desk




Ever struggled to find a suitable work space? Then you’ll know that size truly does matter. Whether it’s to work out home ideas or actually work at home. Space on the other hand, may be sparse.

An innovative design that offers the best of both worlds the HIDEsk, als called  “Hi Desk” pop up office.




Reminiscent of an artist’s easel, the HIDEsk is a fully collapsible desk and workspace made from film-coated birch plywood, flexible aluminum shelves and a metal back.

When folded closed the front side, which is coated with blackboard paint, is a creative zone and a functional memo board and can be stored in nearly any narrow space. Making it ideally suited for working from home in a small dwelling.




HIDEsk’s shelves are small supports that can be inserted into any of the metal back’s prefabricated openings.

Whether you use this pop up office from a seated or standing position, your tablet or other materials will be at just the right angle to maximize your comfort and productivity.




With the increasing popularity of remote collaboration and home based careerists, HIDEsk insures that your office is always at your fingertips.




HIDEsk, another outstanding design by Michael Hilgers, is the winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2014.



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