Basso Space-Saving Home Office




The Home Office Basso, made in Italy by space-saving designers Clei, is designed for users to quickly hide their office mess when visitors arrive.

Conventional computer desks can take up a lot of room, and this can create issues in smaller spaces – especially in apartments, which might not have separate study or computing areas.


The Home Office Basso is comprised of three sets of cupboards:

  • an upper set, with two doors that open horizontally, to store books, CDs or other items
  • a central cabinet that opens vertically, for housing a computer monitor, stationery and a small number of books and
  • a lower set, designed to house a computer tower and other associated computer equipment




The central cupboard can be closed quickly and easily by simply pushing all clutter and debris on the desk (the ‘door’ component of the cabinet) back into the body of the cupboard.

When closed, the cabinet looks like any other ordinary piece of storage furniture, with a sleek matte lacquer and simple design, meaning users of this piece do not have to sacrifice quality for utility.


The cabinet is available in 32 different colors and is made to order by Clei at its offices in Italy.



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