Hyde Stacking Stool For Informal Interiors

Hyde Stacking Stools Range
easy to handle light weight stool


Add a little zing of color to your home or office space with the Hyde Stacking Stool.

The Hyde Stacking Stool’s mellow design is accentuated with bursts of bright pigments in its materials, making it not only a unique seating solution, but an attention-capturing part of your d├ęcor!


ability to stack 4 high


This stackable foam stool supports your back with plenty of cushion, and when you’re done using it, you can simply layer them in the corner out of the way.


Hyde Stool Assemblyroom
an informal fun looking seat


The Hyde Stacking Stool also makes a great coffee table, or you can tip it upside down and use the space underneath as a catch-all.

Another multifunctional colorful and stackable stool is the Snoop Stool.


Hyde Stool
gives vibrancy to any interior


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