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With room running out in the world’s major cities, and apartment sizes getting smaller and smaller, there is a growing need for furniture that makes every space count.

When fully assembled, Kali Board wall bed appears as a sleek and colourful twin bed with handy shelving within reach, but when packed away, the piece doubles as a desk.

Clei are experts in improving the quality of living in compact spaces. Beds can be space-consuming pieces of furniture capable of filling prime positions within a home, but are generally only in use at night.

Clei have recognised this and have designed a range of wall beds that transform into sofas, storage units, desks and even dining tables during the day.




Wall beds were first conceived in the early 20th century, and have experienced resurgence in recent years as the world moves towards urban living.

However, many designers see wall beds as cheap gimmicks, and as a result most wall beds on the market have been of inferior quality, made by manufacturers with little design expertise.

Clei was founded in 1963 by two brothers determined to make wall beds that “weren’t ugly.” Their current management team are taking this simple concept a step further, desiring not only to create beautiful furniture pieces but also:

“solve problems…Before, there were only static pieces: a sofa was just a sofa. We want to give people a different way to think about furniture.”




The Kali Board wall bed is an innovative piece of multi-functional furniture by the designers of Clei.



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