Look At Little Ludovico Office’s Lush Possibilities




This isn’t the first piece of furniture by Claudio Sibille featured here and probably not its last either. ( We previously featured his Sensei table-chair combo.)

The Ludovico office is an ingeniously thought out space saving cabinet housing a chair and fold up desk. Apart from that it also features a recess capable of containing a laptop or tablet and two drawers.




You wouldn’t say but its design was inspired by a small castle built by the alchimist and architect H. Pittamiglio situated in Las Flores, Uruguay.

Designer Claudio Sibille, who is from Uruguay said:

“I found inspiration in the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design mixed with Pittamiglio´s castle logic”




If your space is limited and you need an office you can transform this clever unit to a full-fledged office. When ready with your office work and in need of space you can simply clear the room.

The chair nestles into the cabinet and the desk folds up to the side.



Ludovico Office is the small nephew of the larger, two seats harboring, Ludovico. It reminds somewhat of Orla Reynold’s cabinet that nests a whopping 4 chairs and a dining table.

In our modern day and age things are stirred up. We work at home and spend leisure time at our jobs. (well, at least at some jobs). Contrary to the past decades living smaller and with smarter things has become the trend.

Flexibility and freedom to move are the greatest good and Ludovico Office is a gorgeous item that fits such contemporary developments perfectly.

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