14 Stylish Versatile Magazine Tables

Magazine tables come in all shapes and forms. Some are designed to function as complete magazine racks while others simply feature a newspaper compartment.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish coffee table or a minimalist end table, made from glass, wood, or metal, the following pieces are ideal if you want to keep the table top free of clutter while keeping your tablets and other reading mediums close.


1. BT4 Coffee Table



The pathway to future design must be paved with aluminum. The BT4 Coffee Table, which is made of this usually flimsy alloy, is sturdy and long-lasting when bent in this shape.

Empty space between the table’s legs can be used to store books and magazines, and its durable finish can withstand both sunny and gloomy weather. Use BT4 Coffee Table indoors or outdoors for a touch of much-needed color in your home décor.


2. Oak Naomi Coffee Table




This amazing table with a magazin rack on one side is made of solid European oak and named after her designer Naomi Pas. Practical, durable and modern the Oak Naomi Coffee Table is ideal for almost anybody who wants to keep the top free of clutter.

This table takes a minimalist form and creates one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we’ve come across.


3. Steel Magazin Table



This range of steel Magazin Tables is more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. Each features a narrow tabletop with a deep groove in the middle to store magazines and paperwork, held up by wire legs.

Thomas Elliot Burns is an LA-based designer who’s recently opened his own studio, and these magazine tables are among his first prototypes. He’s proving himself to be a name to watch.


4. Scando Table


Scando Table is designed to look as if it’s made from a single piece of wood which has been bent and warped into shape.

With a storage rack on one side only, it has an appealing asymmetrical shape which makes it look more like a natural growth than a piece of furniture.


5. Atria Side Table



Can you feel the industrial vibe coming off of the Atria Side Table? We sure can! Grid patterns are a great way to have an urban, yet minimalist style in your home.

Not only does it come in several different colors, but the side table also features a sturdy magazine rack underneath for keeping your favorite reads close at hand. Wonderfully geometric and built to last, the Atria Side Table is bound to be popular.


6. Shroom Side Table Newspaper Stand



The Shroom Side Table is very much appealing to several people. This is not only because of its beauty but also because of its smartness. The Shroom is a true 2in1 product which has a side table and a newspaper/magazine stand.

To complement your room, it has smooth and curved lines most especially if it is placed next to pieces of angular furniture. This is to provide a matching contrast to the square corners.


7. Acylic Coffee Table and Magazin Holder



For a modern look, you should choose a table with metal legs. An acrylic top is a translucent contrast to the silver x-shaped base. The modern Acrylic Coffee Table indeed has the power to completely revamp your living space. It has a modernist feel and smart curved legs that offer a place to stash magazines and newspapers and at the same time display them.

The Acylic Coffee Table is just the exact size to be used with a different surface or as an individual piece. The bent legs double as magazine storage. It has lightweight, a compact design and ultra modern appeal.


8. Woodieful Chair



The Woodieful Chair by Klavdija Jarcis is a sleekly and functionally designed chair that combines sitting and storage. It could serve as additional book shelving, magazine storage, a foot rest, an end table, or an easily stored chair to be brought out when friends stop by.

Modern, practical, durable and simply warm this chair is ideal for almost anybody and will especially appeal to those who enjoy organization, minimization, and décor with a purpose.


9. Accent Table with Shelves



The Accent Table can be used as a side table, or a hall or a sofa console table. It has 6 Open concept display shelves within your reach. 3-Tier design provides ample space to hold books, magazines and other decorative items

It has a simple but classic design which makes it compatible with all the houses in any decoration. It has a perfect size and wide usage such as: bookcase, telephone table or even bedside table.

The Accent Table is made of 12mm particle board with PVC edge and it is easy to assemble with the assembling instruction enclosed.
Dimension: 60 x 30 x 61 cm/ 23.6 x 11.8 x 24” (LxWxH)


10. WF Magazine Side Table



Simplicity is key to modern design. If it’s not easy to use and functional, users will move on to other brands. The WF Magazine Side Table is an elegantly basic side table with removable magazine rack and concrete surface; it changes at the whim of the user in order to be the versatile piece it was intended to be.

Both fascinating and aesthetically-pleasing, the WF Magazine Side Table is everything modern design should be.


11. Deposito Table



The Deposito Table is a z-shaped side table that is made of solid oak. It is designed as a complement to a sofa or divan and it can be positioned to extend over the seat of the couch, making two perfect levels for holding a Notepad, writing materials, newspaper or even drink.

Either for relaxing or working in your home office – Deposito is indispensable in any case. It is an all-rounder which comes in oak, either oiled or stained black, and is the perfect companion for all Lambert sofas or to enjoyed as an individual piece.


12. Embrace Shelf -Table


Embrace Shelf – Table combination is designed by Johngreen. Separately Embrace consists of two minimal tables slash benches. When combined (read: embraced) the two equal parts form an almost just as space efficient table with clever storage space.

When plugged, Embrace features 4 deposit boards. One on top of the table, one under the table, and on each side. Use these storage boards to keep books, magazines, newspapers, tablets, and other goodies you want to keep close.


13. HUK Table


HUK Table is a practical and functional side table, shelf or desk organizer. This table takes a minimalist form and creates one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we’ve come across. You can use it for just about anything, whether that’s as a cozy side table to set your coffee on, or a plucky perch for your laptop or papers.

Do you need a magazine rack? A bookshelf? A stool? The HUK Table can be those things too. Its design is such that you can hook it onto tables to transform it into a cubby or file holder. You’ll discover new and better uses for it every day.


14. Wave Table



The Wave Table takes the gentle splashing of ocean waves. Two deep slopes in the table’s edge allow for easy stacking of magazines and books, but it’s the table’s different positions that really make use of this feature.

Turning the table with the slopes upward keeps items well within reach, whereas downward facing slopes mean you can store your novels under the table and out of the way while utilizing the table’s surface for decoration.
You can also turn it sideways for a funky bookshelf or end table.


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