Max in the Box, Playful Modular Furniture For Kids

Max in the Box puts the fun in fu(r)niture


Max in the Box is modular furniture for children and by children. Yup, you read that right, kids helped develop this series of table-chair combinations.

Not only are the modular units versatile but they encourage children to experiment with space and form.


easily slotted together for more possibilities


The block-shaped chairs can be slid together to create one piece that takes up less storage space.

kids furniture like it’s intended, playful, safe, sturdy, and just plain fun.


Max in the Box is like real life Duplo. It is playful, colorful, helps develop spatial awareness and creativity in our youngest. The boxes provide a great way of guiding babies with taking their first steps too.


made of birch plywood


The boxes offer an elegant and sturdy storage solution too. Just imagine using these in your store, office, or even store window as a presentation unit.


Perludi MaxintheBox joint conjunctions
Its joint conjunctions ensure stability


The merger of furniture and toy. Of storage item and learning device. Max in the Box has lots to offer.


utilitarian furniture (chairs, tables, shelves) to props for imaginative play (pirate’s ship, dollhouse, race car). Bonus: – See more at:
creative learning tops everything else


Used together or as standalone, each box has various purposes. All used materials are organic, non-toxic, and recyclable.


stylish design furniture great for grown-ups too
stylish design furniture great for grown-ups too


With its adjustable seat heights Max in the Box is suitable for children off all ages and can grow with your baby, toddler, or older child. From nine months up to eight years old. Although we can imagine sitting on these too.



The birch plywood furniture is delivered as a flatpack kit. Very easy to assemble. Just as quickly dismantled for even more efficient storage.

Learn more at Ergokids.



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