7 Modern Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands

Whoever said that umbrella stands were a thing of the past hasn’t seen these bad boys. Coat racks and umbrella stands are a classy addition to your entryway, and their timeless charm hasn’t diminished over the years.

Take a look at some unique designs with a modern twist that will have you rethinking your home’s style.


1. Bazar Coat Rack

The Bazar Coat Rack by Steffen Kehrle is multifunctional furniture at its finest, and while you won’t find much in the way of color choice, neutral tones make blending in a breeze.

Bazar’s entire midsection is a wonderland of storage for umbrellas or other items, while the pegs on the top gently hold your jacket and display it like a pro. Its pegs are adjustable so that you can arrange the coat rack however you’d like.


2. Adesso Steel Coat Rack

The Adesso Coat Rack and Umbrella Stand is a sleek, steel and sturdy coat stand with wood accents. There are six coat hooks and a tray on the base for dripping umbrellas, which offers protection to the floor.

It is a well made and nice looking coat rack, perfect for various rooms in the house, because it takes up little space. Even suitable for other surroundings, such as offices.


3. Glaubi Coat Hanger

I am in love with this minimalist coat rack! The color, design and height are all absolutely perfect, but don’t let me stop you from getting your own. There’s plenty to go around!

The Glaubi Coat Hanger uses circle hoops that rotate to easily change from a coat rack to scarf hangers (or whatever suits your needs). Glaubi also makes a great purse rack for your vast collection.


4. Top Coat Rack

If you’re looking for a posh coat rack with an umbrella stand, this Top Coat Rack from D-Tec Design will make the perfect match. Sleek and polished, ten pegs at the top stand ready to hold your coat and scarves, while the tubular umbrella stand forms the base.

Impress your guests right off the bat when they walk in and see this charmer waiting for them.


5. Gravity Hang

Much like D-TEC’s Floor Coat Rack, the Gravity Hang by Arik Levy comes pristinely polished to the point where you could probably use it as a mirror too.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the umbrella stand portion of this modern coat rack is left out in the open. It’s quite nice, actually. You don’t have to dig through coats to get to your umbrella. See? Every design has its function.


6. Modern-Style Umbrella/Coat Rack

What’s the use of a coat rack if it leaves your coat dragging on the floor? The Lorell Modern-Style Umbrella/Coat Rack is a giant among coat racks.

That’s a good thing, by the way. Its height keeps your ‘coat tails’ off the ground and dirt-free, allowing you to leave exactly the way you came – clean! Umbrellas can get neatly tucked away in the holder just halfway down the coat rack.


7. Merkled Coat Rack

This minimalist coat rack is designed for functionality, sleek for a professional and modern look, and durable enough to hold even the heaviest of coats for years at a time.

The open middle is the perfect place to store umbrellas, while hats and coats can be hung up on the various racks and posts that this beautiful piece of furniture has to offer. The Merkled Coat Rack is easy to assemble, and come in an array of customizable colors.


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