5 Outdoor Cooler Tables

Outdoor cooler tables for the patio offer a trendy solution for a party, while sipping a cold beverage during an intimate gathering,  or during an outdoor grilling session. Dislike the need to keep an unsightly cool box close? With these outdoor cooler tables you can keep your drinks and ice close yet keep your cool in style.

1. Keter Coolbar






The Keter Coolbar has a clever telescopic top, so you can wind it up to use the ice bucket below, or push it down to use the coolbar as a normal side table.

The double-walled bucket is deep enough to hold 1 litre bottles easily, and the plain cream design means it works with any décor.


2. Rattan Patio Pool Cooler Table




The Rattan Patio Cooler Table is cooler table has a brown rattan-style finish, making it perfect for use outdoors. Like the Keter, it has a telescoping top which takes it from coffee table to cocktail table in one easy motion.

There’s also a drainage plug inside the 8-gallon ice bucket, so when the party is over you can drain out the melted ice without having to tip it over.


3. Beverage Cooler Side Table





Made of tough composite resin, the Beverage Cooler Side Table can be left outside all winter as it’s impermeable to mildew and heavy enough to stand up to high winds.

The small well on the top is just the right size to chill a couple of bottles, making it perfect for an intimate gathering.


4. Bells Side Table





Bells’ fluid shape softens any environment it’s placed in by molding the world around its sumptuous form. Two bell shapes have been placed facing opposite directions to create the aesthetical value and function of its form.

What’s even better is that you can add on optional accessories like icebucket or tray inserts. Bells is perfectly safe to use outdoors and can stand up to most mild weather conditions.

Use it at your next party or outdoor grilling session. Bells Side Table is as comfortable as it is eye-catching.


5. JOKJOR Champ Stool/Cooler



Coolers make a great seating option in a bind, but wouldn’t it be better if they were more comfortable? That’s what the minds at Champ thought!

The Champ Stool/Cooler is both a comfortable seating option and a storage cooler for cold drinks, food and other yummies that need to be put on ice. Get several stools together, and you practically have an entire freezer among you and your friends!




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