30 Modern Modular Wine Racks

When living space is limited we do concessions on furniture. Compromising on what we put in our homes is for the greater good however, don’t touch our wine storage. Good wine is about balance and harmony and the nectar of the Gods needs to be stored appropriately. Even in small apartments and other 3humble abodes.

A great solution to this issue are the following highly stylish and modular wine racks. Flexibility and modern looks are combined in these exquisite examples. Just as our vino has body, these outstanding wine racks are characterized by their functional and sleek shapes. We love them so much, we think Bacchus would be proud. What do you think?


1. Infinity Winerack by Kartell




Wine connoisseurs are always looking for a stylish way to store their bottle collection, and cheap, tacky wine holders just won’t do. They want something that’s durable and easy on the eyes.

Meet the Kartell Infinity Wine Rack, the “build it yourself” approach to wine racks. These colorful wine holders can be stacked endlessly, hence the name Infinity. Whether it’s pinot grigio or a nice chardonnay, you can stack them to infinity and beyond!


2. Concrete Wine Cooler





Every wine connoisseur has that one special bottle, the one that is prized above all the others. Protect it with the Concrete Wine Cooler. Much like a vase, it cradles contents in an upright position while shielding them with a durable concrete exterior.

Your favorite wine will stay perfectly chilled without having to refrigerate or add ice to the mix, all because of the concrete composition.


3. Butterfly Wine Rack




This fan-shaped wine rack holds the bottles horizontally, helping to keep the corks moist and thus prevent spoilage. The lower slots hold regular-sized wine bottles, and the open-topped upper compartments are large enough for champagne or other wide-based bottles.

The Butterfly Wine Rack looks great on a kitchen countertop and is designed to hold eight bottles of wine in a small space.


4. Wine-O Bottle Rack





The Wine-O Bottle Rack is a six-hole wine bottle rack which can be used in various configurations. Use it horizontally or vertically, or fix it to the wall using the fittings supplied.

It’s designed to lock together with other racks, so you can put together the perfect size wine storage whether you’re starting a wine cellar or just putting aside a few bottles of red.


5. VURM Stainless Steel Wine Racks




Are you looking for a wine rack with an industrial edge? This one is everything you need in a wall wine rack. It keeps your prized vintages out of childrens’ reach while proudly displaying your collection.

The VURM Stainless Steel Wine Racks can hold up to eight bottles, which is just enough to see you through that Netflix marathon of Stranger Things.


6. GustaVino Wine Rack



GustaVino with its light organic shape inspired by the work of Gaudi, is a new versatile wine rack made of renewable materials, that can be reproduced in any 3D printer. Because of the symmetrical interlocking component of this wine rack numerous configurations may be made, horizontally, vertically or pyramidal. GustaVino is not yet on the market. It is posted on Kickstarter at September 19 2015 by its designer Gustavo Arguello.

For more info about this industrial wine rack, the production and progress on Kickstarter visit GustaVino.


7. mDesign Stackable Bottle Rack

The mDesign Stackable Bottle Rack made from BPA-free plastic can store multiple  bottles. A single rack – 11.5″ x 8″ x 4″ – has space for three bottles.

Suitable for kitchen, cabinets or refrigerator: this bottle rack is a perfect solution for tight spaces and an excellent purchase because of its durable quality. and competitive price.


8. Noè Modular Bottle Holder





This wine rack is named Noah, Noè in Italian, the first man who planted vines and made wine. Each module can be easily connected to two other modules via a slot along the base. By combining and stacking the elements small structures can be created of max. 1 m high, which, when they are positioned from the wall provide greater stability to the assembled modules.

The modular bottle holder can be placed on the kitchen counter or on the floor.Available in the colors white, black or dark red. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti.


9. JustForYou Leatherette Wine Rack

I am by no means a wine connoisseur, but it seems to me that this wine rack has something special about it. The JustForYou Wine Rack is designed to keep the corks on your wine bottle wet (after you’ve opened them, of course) so that it doesn’t lose its ‘fizz’.

And, just in case you’ve indulged in a few glasses by the time it arrives, you don’t have to worry about assembling it. It’s all set to go!


10. Set-up Bottle Rack


The Koziol is a modular wine rack inspired by the shape of a honeycomb. Use a single one to hold four bottles on a kitchen counter, or lock together several to fill your entire wine cellar.

This SET-UP Bottle Rack is easy to take apart and rearrange, and is safe to use freestanding at a height of up to 47 inches (1.5m). It’s available in four colors and is made in Germany for reliable quality.


11. Nucleus Modular Wine Rack





Nucleus modular wine rack is a versatile storage solution for your wine collection. These interlocking wine racks, made of anodized aluminium, can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall to your own desires and wishes. And later on, you can restyle or expand them.

An award winning minimalist design by Dutch designer Thijs Goossink.


12. RTA 30 Bottle Wine Rack



Got room for an entire wine cellar in your home? Neither do I. That’s why clever designers made the RTA 30 Bottle Wine  Rack. True, you won’t have a wine collection worthy of a Napa Valley ranch, but 30 bottles should be enough for those who appreciate a glass once in awhile.

However, be warned that assembling this wine rack is a bit of a challenge. It’s a good thing you’ve got all that wine for afterwards!


13. WineHive Aluminum Wine Racks



WineHive modular Wine Racks are made from recyclable aluminum and are an asset to your dining room, kitchen or wine cellar. You can combine multiple sets to expand your rack as your collection grows.

Designed by Philadelphia-based John Paulick who managed to bring WineHive on the market through successfully crowdfunding on Kickstarter.


14. Cube 52 Modular System




If durability and natural materials is what you’re after in a wine rack, you should definitely consider the Cube 52 Modular System for storing your valuable collection.

Although not as thick and dense as oak or mahogany, the pine wood each shelf is made from is durable and can be expanded with separate modules. You can choose from diamond, square or X shaped modules that store a variety of bottle sizes.


15. Bottle Rack





An infinitely stackable Bottle Rack made from polypropylene in a sturdy design. A single rack – h 25 cm / w 36 cm / d 22 cm – has space for six bottles. Connecting tubes made of anodised aluminum ensure a solid setup.

For wine lovers, this clever and trendy wine rack can be extended indefinitely. Fits in any interior and is also ideal for in pubs! Hit up LOVEtHESIGN to learn more.


16. Oenophilia Wine Rack





The elegant Oenophilia wavy wooden wine rack is inspired by Indonesian culture by its shape and material.
An absolutely amazing wine rack, that looks great and fits in any interior. Stylish, compact and sturdy with compartments for 12 bottles of wine.

More info and purchase here.


17. Terracotta Wine Racks

terra cotta-wine-rack




With the Terrracotta Wine Racks from Weston Mills Pottery you can store a few bottles or a large collection. Terracotta is a heavy product with a natural beauty. The racks are incredibly simple to assemble.

Terracotta has ideal properties to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity even in a cool humid cellar. A perfect choice for wine collectors.

More info at about terracotta wine racks at Weston Mills Pottery.


18. Zigzag Wine and Bottle Rack



The elements of Zigzag wine and bottle rack are made of the tough and durable material syntrewood, a mixture of recycled thermoplastic plastics and paper by-products. You can simply stack the elements on top of one another without tools or connectors.

Available in sets of 3 (= for 12 bottles) from Manufactum.


19. Bachus Bottle Rack





Bachus Bottle Rack made of polyethylene, looks like a beautiful stylish crate.  Its perfectly balanced lines makes it suitable not for only areas with a modern décor but also classic spaces.

Bachus, designed by Marcel Wanders, is capable of storing 40 bottles and is available in the colors green, grey and white.


20. Umbra Napa Wine Rack




The Umbra Napa Wine Rack is a modern take on the classic wine rack. Made from brushed nickel for a subtle shine, this wine rack is 100% stackable, and most individual models can fit easily on your kitchen counter.

You won’t have to worry about the material degrading like you would with wine racks made from natural materials, so you’ll have plenty of years to spend with the Umbra Napa.


21. Grape Wine Rack



Grape Wine Rack is made of a durable synthetic material that makes it surprisingly lightweight, yet sturdy and solid. The random shape allows that the rack can be stacked and arranged in any desired way.

One rack provides space for 12 bottles. It is possible to assemble the rack to the wall with the optional hanging set.


22. Winehyve Nine Walnut Rack




Now this is a wine rack that will get you noticed. The Winehyve Nine wine rack has bottle spaces clustered together much like a beehive, and the hexagonal shapes complete the aesthetic to form a truly unique kitchen item.

Place your favorite Cabernet or Savignon in the sturdy timber build and watch as your friends gasp in amazement when you show them this amazing wine rack.


23. Ameba Bottle Rack




Ameba Bottle Rack is a clever design with a practical handle. A single rack on the table would be a lovely eye catcher. With a plurality of these pretty Ameba Bottle Racks you can create a small wine corner. In a trendy bar these wine racks would definitely stand out.

Made of recyclable polyethylene and available in various beautiful colors. More info at LOVEThESIGN.


24. Design Storage Cube




The next time you have friends over for a nice glass of Chardonnay, make sure you have it kept in this cool Wine Storage Cube from Winsome Wood. It can hold up to 24 bottles in its X-formation, making it a space-saving treat for wine lovers who live in smaller spaces.

Why build a wine cellar when you can have your collection right at your fingertips, resting beautifully on your kitchen counter?


25. Puzzle Wine Rack




Puzzle wine rack can be placed in one or two directions. Multiple units can be easily assembled to create a system to your own needs.

The racks, which are made of transparent ABS polymer, allows you to create a single color or just a colorful wine rack system. Available in the colors black, orange, red or khaki.

More info and purchasing at Gideon Dagan Design.


26. Echelon Wine Rack





The modules of Echelon can be assembled above and beside one another to make a big storage. The Echelon Wine Racks, made from extruded aluminium, are quick to install with the use of tubes and brackets as high as you need.

There is the tabletop version and there is also an architectural version, which has a wall bracket. A stunning and modern way to display your wine stock. With Echelon racks your wine collection may be seen.


27. Stakrax Wine Bottle Holder



Your wine collection is ever-expanding as you discover new vintages. Unfortunately, your wine rack stays the same size, and you have to get creative with places to store your bottles.

The Stakrax Modular Wine Rack is the chameleon of wine bottle holders. It has a stackable design that allows you to add on to it whenever you like, and the design is trendy chic to boot.


28. UU50 Wine Rack





Modular Aluminum Wine Rack UU50 by MuNiMulA is composed of interlocking pieces that can be assembled. You can create a tall or wide storage solution by connecting the componentes to others and cover the entire wall or place one unit on the table.

The wine racks are made of anodized aluminum and are available in the colors deep red, blue or aluminum. Wine Rack UU50 by MuNiMulA.


29. Grappe Wine Cellar Without Basements





Maxime Paulet has designed this modular wine rack to meet the wishes of customers who do not have a basement or not enough space to store their wine bottles.

Grappe, means cluster in English, consists of PVC pipes strapped, resting on solid oak cradles. The shape and the compounds vary according to the quantity of bottles. This modular wine rack can also be attached to a wall.

Grappe, a project of French designer Maxime Paulet.


30. Modular 40 Bottle Wine Rack



A strong quality, durable and eco-friendly rack with wooden plugs and pins for quick installation.

Modular 40 Bottle Wine Rack is made of Indonesian wood and expandable on all four sides.
Available in natural or mahogany. More info and purchase here.




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