7 Modern Nesting Stools

Are you sick of trying to cram guest seating into a small room, scrambling to find chairs that fit and leave leg room? You may want to give modern nesting stools a try. These fabulous pieces fit together like a puzzle, one that saves you space without sacrificing style and comfort.


1. Vava Stool


There’s nothing ordinary about the Vava Stool. Not only is it easily stackable like other modern nesting stools, but it’s also a work of art waiting to happen. The soft arches that come to a point on the stool’s legs can form a fascinating sculpture in your living room no matter how they’re angled.

Create a stunning centerpiece for your room by flipping them upside down or rotating them, whatever your imagination leads you to do!


2. Spin Stool


Don’t get dizzy looking at this stool for too long. The Spin Stool is a stackable seating option for the modern day minimalist, and it’s turning heads (both literally and figuratively!).

Carved in beautiful ash wood, the Spin Stool has both neutral and colorful options for your individual décor scheme. When you’re finished using it, simply stack each stool on top of the next and watch your floor space magically reappear.


3. Tuck Stool


Some modern nesting stools let you keep stacking… and stacking… and stacking. The Tuck Stool is one of them. Just from looking at it, you could probably stack it a mile high and it would still remain sturdy and unmoveable.

Its solid design is still lightweight, lending it to outdoor functions as well as indoor ones. It’s a concept so simple that you could say it’s too genius to have been made before.


4. J+I Zig + Zag Stool


Raw design is always in style, and the J+I Zig +  Zag Stool uses that to its advantage. Two halves of bare wood have been carved out of what looks like a single sturdy log to make a couple of classy nesting stools.

The Zig Zag stool is especially pleasant to the nostrils due to the scented cedarwood used in its makeup, and it will last you for many years to come thanks to its solid construction.


5. Poke Stool

Sometimes it takes a novice to turn a design on its head. Kyuhung Cho began his career as a typography designer, and the Poke Stool was his first furniture design.

Most stacking stools have wide-spaced legs to fit around the edge of the seat: instead of mimicking this shape, Cho drilled holes in the edge of the seat so that the legs of one stool could slot into the seat of another. Each four-legged stool has eight holes, so that a further two stools can be stacked on top.


6. Adeco Nesting Stools


These durable nesting tables with bubble pattern are a shining example of furniture that keeps the ‘fun’ in ‘multifunctional’. Adeco’s khaki yellow nesting tables can be used either as seating or side tables or plant stands and they work equally well outdoors as well as indoors.

Alternatively, the Adeco Round Nesting Stools could be used as colorful decorations in a child’s room.


7. Clover-Shaped StoolS



The luck of the Irish is now being brought to you as a seating option thanks to the Clover-3 and Clover-4 stools designed by Richard Hutten. Clover-4 is obviously the luckiest one, but one cannot escape the charm of the ‘three-leafed’ stool as well.

Made from solid walnut or oak, Clover provides you with comfortable, durable seating. They even have a version designed specifically for kids. It’s luck for the whole family!


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