17 Modern Small Home Office Desks

The following home office desks are great for small spaces. Their contemporary, ingenious design makes them perfectly geared towards the modern-day home worker.

The small to modest-sized desks feature cable management, are designed for optimal laptop and desktop use, and offer clever storage solutions. Some of these compact workstations are wall-mounted but all these furniture pieces fit well in pretty much any interior.


1. HomCom Desk

As a writer, I can testify that papers have a way of piling up on my desk. I’d love to have the HomCom Desk so I can declutter my workspace!

HomCom is the perfect home office desk for messy writers, but it could also be a pretty wicked secretary station as well. It comes with built-in horizontal files and storage drawers to hold papers, notebooks, and important documents.


2. Floating Desk


Are you struggling to move bulky desks when it’s time for a good vacuuming? With the Prepac Floating Desk, cleaning the space underneath is quick and easy.

The Floating Desk saves extra space and hassle with this legs-free option. More info and purchase at Amazon.


3. PS08 Bureau

A modern twist on the traditional secretary’s desk, this table opens up to reveal a work bureau. Lean on the PS08 Bureau, keep important items in the cubby-holes at the back, and tuck you papers under the elastic strips on the inside of the lid.

The lid has a lip, so you can close it down without disturbing your work. It folds down to give a flat top, meaning you can use it as a side table when you’re not working.


4. Techni Mobili Computer Desk

This is a traditional desk with a twist. Like many desks, it has a multi-compartment storage drawer and ample desktop space.

What makes it special is that it has a flip-open compartment at the back to store cables, with a central hole to run them down to a power source. Combine that with its stylish exterior of white veneer and birchwood ply, this Modern Computer Desk from Techni Mobili is a useful and beautiful addition to any office.


5. The A Desk

The A Desk is a contemporary minimalist design. It features a tiltable worktop to serve a comfortable working position.

This desk helps preserve your neck and back by holding your drawings, writings or electronics at the correct height. Very well suited for a home office.


6. Tangkula Ladder Shelf Desk


Those in the market for a space-saving desk need to take a look at the Tangkula Ladder Shelf. Many similar designs have been used as bookshelves and storage for display items, but very few can be used as a desk.

Tangkula is perfect for cramped spaces like dorms and small apartments, but frankly, I’d love to have one of these myself. It’s way more stylish than the one I have!


7. One Less Desk


The One Less Desk from Heckler Designs is a creative way to save space while jazzing up your décor with an eye-catching piece.

Well-ventilated space in the back makes it easy to keep cords and plugs out of your way. More info and purchase at HecklerDesign.


8. Plane Sekretär


Plane is a small desk with good cable organization. The center compartment of these charming secretary hides a cable conductor at the back from the middle to the bottom.

Plane comes in two material variants. Available at German-based firm Einrichten Design.


9. Flatmate

Michael Hilger’s Flatmate Desk Top is the perfect companion to the work-at-home entrepreneur. Flatmate sticks out only 5 inches from the wall when closed, making it one of the slimmest mounted work desks. Two small pegs underneath act as an extra stabilizing agent to make sure the

Flatmate is secure. Simply fold down the tabletop to utilize your work space; movable shelves above make it easy to configure the space to your liking, and there’s even a hidden cabinet on the side for extra storage. Flatmate comes in six eye-popping color selections that are sure to please.

Info and buying via Stuttgart-based firm Magazin.


10. Contemporary Computer Desk


Techni Mobili’s solid, slim design is the perfect solution for small spaces like apartments and college dorm rooms. The slide-out keyboard tray fits snugly into the frame to keep it out of your way when not in use.

Two small storage drawers blend seamlessly into the side of this Contemporary Computer Desk. Available here.


11. Keep Close Desk


The Keep Close desk’s raw wooden design makes it a beautiful, space-saving addition to any home.

You won’t have to worry about carefully stringing cords through the back; the Keep Close desk comes with three outlets built in which are easily reachable. For more info vist Swedish firm Plus Function.


12. Scriba Home Office

Just looking at this desk, you’d think that it would tip right over, but no – it’s sturdy as a rock! Designer Patricia Urquiola isn’t giving any hints as to how she beat physics, but my guess is that it has something to do with the sturdy materials it’s built out of.

The Scriba Home Office comes complete with a shelving unit, side pocket and drawer storage for all your pens, paper and electronics.


13. Copenhague Desk


The Copenhague Desk is designed by Hay and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for the University of Copenhagen.

The angled back screen enables efficiently and ergonomically work together with a number of documents. More info at DanishDesignStore.


14. StudioDesk



It’s maddening to have cables tangled all over your desktop. The StudioDesk has a discreet outlet to channel all your equipment cables into a concealed drawer, which you can access by sliding open a panel in the desktop.

The StudioDesk is not just a functional piece of kit, either. With mahogany legs and a neat 1950s style, it’ll give a boost to any home office.


15. Kings Brand Home Office Desk

Don’t be fooled by those skinny legs – this desk is as sturdy as a rock. With a white lacquer finish on shiny chrome legs, this modern office desk is superbly stylish.

The Kings Brand Desk comes with a keyboard tray and a single desk drawer for storing notebooks and pens. The broad surface is more than enough to fit your laptop, yet compact enough to fit into small spaces.


16. Duo Table Desk


Duo Table fills both your need for a dining space and a work table. It can be used for anything from a sewing table to a coffee table with room for magazines in the storage underneath.

You’ll love its minimalist design that fits perfectly into any space. For more info and purchase visit Urban Favourites.


17. Kardiel Modern Desk


This Kardiel two-tier desk keeps your life clutter-free! Stop juggling papers, writing tools and cups of coffee on the same surface.

The Kardiel Desk has a spacious upper deck where you can place accessories and unused elements while you work on your laptop on the lower surface. There are also cable organizers built in to keep cords out of the way and out from under your feet.




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