Modos, Make Standing Desks, Shelves and Stools Without The Use of Tools


create your own piece of furniture without tools


Created by industrial designers from Brooklyn is Modos crowd funded via a successful campaign.

If you live in a small house or you want to occasionally change the interior then Modos is a godsend. You do not have to do your old furniture away, but you can transform it into something new.


Modos as standing desk


You have no tools required to adjust a new piece of furniture together. Modos can easily be changed from a coffee table into a standing desk or shelfing system…..


modular furniture from FSC-Certified Plywood and aluminium clips


……or simply a stool. The wooden parts are FSC certified and with the help of aluminum clips can be assembled into various pieces of furniture.

What’s so great about Modos is that in order to design or adapt you can just form a specific configuration and change it for some specific purpose you need at that time.


modos assembled with clips
the parts of modos can be snapped together with the help of aluminium clips


Modos has been successfully funded at Kickstarter. One of the many cool innovative products made available to the public thanks to crowdfunding and creative, entrepreneurial people.

Check out the short video to learn what you can do with Modos.



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