Modular Kitchenette Award Winning Set

a space efficient and brilliantly designed concept


The award winning Modular Kitchenette Set by Stephanie Nguyen has a simplistic yet urban appeal. The kitchenette is rectangular shaped with rounded edges giving it a modernistic approach to a simple concept. This design is done with thoughtfulness by keeping the user in mind; its customizable modules give it a practical approach for the user to arrange in whatever arrangement best suits their needs.

The kitchenette consists of modules with a range hood, sink, stovetop, countertops, cabinetry, and a place to store appliances, accessories, and utensils.

The best characteristic of the modular kitchenette is the functionally space efficient design that doesn’t compromise on attractiveness. The designer made sure to keep a clean-lined and softly rounded look to her kitchenette design, as there are no handles available on the drawers and doors to keep from distracting from the eye. The clean look is what makes this design very unique and beautiful.


easy to sterilize


It is made entirely out of Staron, a 100% durable acrylic material. Some of the great qualities of this material besides its durability are its stain resistant characteristics which make it great for a kitchen setting.

Its non-porous surface makes it extremely hygienic, resisting bacteria, moisture, mold, making it versatile enough to be used in a medical setting, hospitals, offices, including the kitchen, bathroom, and all other areas that can benefit from the use of sterile surfaces to avoid the spread of infections. This material is very ideal for a kitchen since it is easy to sterilize.

The Modular Kitchenette Set serves to be a very space efficient, clean lined, brilliantly designed concept that relies on practical concepts and materials to deliver a beautifully structured, and functionally customizable modules.

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