26 Modular Storage Cube Systems

Cubes are the most logical shape for storage systems. Allowing for ultimate flexibility and space efficiency cubes are versatile in so many ways.

Cubes are rudimental and spark creativity. Why do you think kids’ building blocks are shaped this way? The following selection of modular storage systems shows that cubes are everything but boring.

It’s like Erno Rubik said, “we turn the cube and it twists us”. This goes, in a somewhat similar way, for these storage systems with their cube shaped elements too.


1. Panton Wire Modular Shelf



Modular shelving is a handy way to add class and functionality to your home. The Panton Wire modular shelf doesn’t stop there, however – it’s also wall-mounted and moonlights as a side table!

You get to keep your clutter up and off the ground, making it easy to clean under the shelf. Panton’s wire shelf can hold up to 40 kilograms of magazines, books and knick knacks, and it comes in sparkling gold for extra flair.


2. Cubo Storage





Stationary shelves are quickly falling out of fashion with the arrival of Cubo. Using a rotating spine, Cubo holds a series of cube storage units that turn any which way you desire.

Whether you need a room partition or a simple shelving unit that takes less of a one-sided view of things, Cubo rises to the challenge and provides versatile shelving that works with your unique situation. Cubo has a variety of models, so there’s one that’s suited to just about everyone.


3. Marmeria Modular Bookshelf





Pearly white marble has adorned famous structure from palaces to ancient tombs, but regardless of where you find it, it’s still striking. The Marmeria Modular Bookshelf uses the same material that Michelangelo’s David was carved from, and the effect can be equally stunning in its simple, yet versatile shape.

The Marmeria instantly brightens your décor and adds a touch of sophistication to even the dreariest rooms. Head to Blog.Gessato.


4. Obo Units





The Obo by Baleria Italia is soothing to look at. Its graceful form bends ever so slightly at the corners, giving it just the right amount of fluidity while maintaining a sturdy-looking structure.

You can use as many Obo units as you like to form shelving that meets your needs, or you can use it for seating and sideboards. It makes the perfect addition to any room and will be a lifelong companion furniture piece.

Check it out at Connox.


5. Foremost 5-in-1 Cube Storage System



The Foremost 5-in-1 Storage System is made of six identically-sized cubes: one with shelves, one with drawers, one with a door and three open-fronted. The cubes can be moved and repositioned to fit any space, and the 15-inch depth means plenty of space for storage.

A single set is handy to use in a bedroom, or you can fix together several sets to make an entire wall of storage. Hollow-core construction makes the furniture 50% lighter than particle board, yet it’s strong enough to hold up to 200lbs in weight when assembled.


6. Color Box crate





If you fancy a game of real life Tetris, the Color Box Crate makes the perfect addition to your home or office space. You can stack several on top of one another to create a pyramid of color while expanding your storage space.

The module acts much like a filing cabinet, but it has a modern feel with a raw design. Don’t think that you have to stick to folders and tax files, though; you can place anything in the Color Box for easy storage and access to objects you place in it.

Combinations of different colors allow you to express yourself and set the vibe for whatever room you place these modules in. There are over six different colors, so mix and match as you please!


7. Stacked Storage System





Simply titled Stacked Storage System, this design by Muuto makes use of open space to widen your horizons on what a bookcase can be. Several frame sizes make up a collection of shelving that the buyer can fit together however he or she wants.

Tight corners and smaller spaces benefit highly from this clever shelving system, but larger spaces can also enjoy the clean, open design of this minimalist favorite.


8. More Light Cardboard Modules





More Light are square cardboard modules which can be quickly and easily assembled together with plexiglass joints and screws. They are made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard with a removable and interchangeable finishes available in oak, teak or painted in the color white, black, gray, red or lime with the option of removable and exchangeable wooden back.

You can mount the modules horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. And assemble a bookcase, room divider, but also bench or table. You can’t name it. They are suitable for not only living rooms but also offices, shops and showrooms.

More Light gives everyone the opportunity to adapt the environment to your own wishes and taste, knowing that they can always change or modify this piece of furniture, whenever they want, in shape, color and finish.

See also the newest products from the ECO Collection by Giorgio Caporaso.


9. Qubing




Qubing is a modular flexible shelving system with endless possible applications for use in all rooms of the house, office or shop as a wall shelf, storage system or room divider.

With door magnets wall brackets or stands you can configure your desired cabinet or storage system. The modules, available in thirteen different colors, are made of high quality durable plastic.

10. Boogie Woogie ShelF





Boogie Woogie Shelf is a modular shelving system consisting of square elements that can be arranged to your own wishes and needs. The elements are available with or without back in the colors white, black and red.

The dimensions are l52 x h52 x d28 cm. By placing the elements back to back, you can create a deeper shelving system as a room divider.


11. Terreria Terracotta Bookshelf




The Terreria is a stylish take on breezeblock bookshelves, inspired by the rustic decoration of old Italian farmhouses. It’s a modular shelving unit composed of open-sided terracotta boxes, all in slightly different shapes which you can rearrange endlessly.

The weight and roughness of the terracotta means the unit is hefty enough to be free-standing; since you don’t need to bolt it to the wall like other modular shelving units, the Terreria is ideal to use as a room divider.


12. Cubistorus Stack Blocs






The Cubistorus makes building your own modular shelf system as simple as clipping it together. Each storage cube has a slot on each side that will fit a special clip through it for fastening.

You can stack as many cubes together as you please, playing with configurations until you find the right one for you. Taking the clips out to rearrange is very easy, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a configuration you don’t like.


13. Smartsquare Connected Through Slits





Smartsquare by Pietro Russomanno, made of bent plywood, can be easily assembled and disassembled in order to allow many unique compositions. Such as bookcase, TV table or room divider. Suitable for both domestic and office environments.

The square modules can be connected to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally through side slits without screws or fixes. The possibilities are numerous.


14. Seletti Assemblage Modules by using Clamps





Assemblage Modules for Seletti can be installed against a wall or free standing in the room. The boxes, which can be attached together with metal clamps, are made of lacquered MDF and stackable. It has the same principle as ION, where we previously wrote about.

The dimensions of the largest box are 15.7” H x 9.4” L x 9.4” W.  One set consists of 10 boxes and you can choose the color white or black. Assemblage gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and  build your own composition without using adhesives or tools.


15. Quby Stackable Cubes




Quby designed by Stefan Bench for B-Line is an unique storage for books and other small items. With the stackable cubes you can create unique combinations for your nice stuff. Quby is made of durable, lightweight and recyclable polyethylene.

You can choose one or several colors, from a unit or more, freestanding or on the wall. In short choices and colors abound. Dimensions: W 440 x D 330 x H 440 mm. Hit up Made in Design to learn more.


16. Konnex Linked by Slits




Konnex consists of a basic set of three cubes. Through the unique lock-in system it is possible to create a shelving system to your own needs and preferences. Each cube has comb-like slits in the side wall, with which the separate units can be linked to each other.

The uniqueness of this system is that you can compose the units in different ways. With several basis sets you can create large shelving system. Designed by German-based designer Florian Gross.

Visit Connox site for more information.


17. Cosmos Multi-Colored Cubes





Cosmos Multi-Colored Cubes are rounded corner multi-colored cubes, constructed from MDF. The cubes can be grouped together put on the floor or hung on the wall with a hidden bracket.

You can use one or more cubes as a bookcase in the living room, for children as a toy storage in the nursery, for toiletries in the bathroom or small items in the bedroom. A beautiful addition to any room in your home.


18. Whitmor Storage Cubes and matching connectors





The Whitmor Storage Cubes are made of durable black-lacquered steel and can be attached to one another by plastic connectors.

Multiple stacking options are possible. These cubes store flat, are relatively easy to assemble and great for transporting. Whitmor storage cubes are popular as units to build cages for rodents and other pets. They also make flexible storage units for the bedroom, bathroom, nursery or office.

Each cube measures 14 ½ x 14 ½ x 14 ½. Available in different sets and colors. Available on Amazon.


19. Cubit Mounted by Connector and Hook System





Manufacturer Cubit produces modular furniture systems, including shelving systems of exceptional quality, functionality and aesthetics. Cubit shelving system is suitable for both private and public space and can act as a bookcase or room divider. By using the clever unvisible connector system, the modules can be individually controlled, rearranged or extended, depending on the needs and wishes.

With the TIP-ON mechanical opening system the units can be equipped with doors and drawers. The supply of many colors and sizes gives the user the ability to create his own unique shelving system. All this without tools. Cubit reminiscent Muuto, one of the posts about 15 Uberstylish Modular Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems.


20. Zhi And Kou Cement Cubes





Zhi and Kou modular, multi-purpose furniture system are square units with hamfered edges made from cement, metal and a recycled waste mixture. The modular pieces are named after the Chinese pinyin phonetic characters 只 (zhi) and 口 (kou). The Kou symbol stands for a simple square module, while the term Zhi refers to a Kou with supporting legs.

The units can be attached to each other with bolts on the rounded edges. The legs are available in the colors black, red, yellow or blue, which contrasts sharply with the rough texture of the grey cement. These cubes with legs serve as the basis for a large installation, like a bookcase.

For more information see Bentu Design. Unfortunately we can not say whether is for sale. But if you’re interested in cement shelving systems, we can refer you to our post about Basso.


21. Sauder Square 1 Organizer



Clean up your home’s clutter with Sauder’s Square 1 Organizer. This cubical shelf has cubby holes galore to store your knick knacks, and it’s 100% stackable.

Put multiple units together (up to two units tall) to form as long of a storage unit as you like. The Square 1 Organizer can be positioned horizontally or vertically on flat surfaces, giving you different options to liven up your space.


22. Metro Cubes





Metro Cubes is a timeless design from 1996 by Craig Varterian for Boom. Still very popular among customers because of its sleek and beautiful shape.

Made of durable wood an individual piece or several pieces stacked like bookcase are very tasteful in the interior. Visit Coroflot for more information.


23. Kartell Optic Storage Cube





The Kartell Optic Storage Cube is a mesmerizing furniture piece. It’s enough to make you want to fill an entire room with them. Luckily, you can! This beautifully-designed storage unit is stackable and can hold a wide variety of items.

It’s suitable for any room, so don’t feel shy about having them throughout the house. Use the cube as a side table, fancy seat, or put several together as a room divider that shines.


24. Kartell Modular BookShelf






This ascending staircase design belongs to the Modular Bookshelf by Giulio Polvara. Up, up, up it goes; how many novels it holds, nobody knows! It does, after all, seem to have limitless possibilities, one of them being how much it can contain.

Its five bottom shelves provide concealed storage, while its ten storage cubes make for an eye-catching room divider and showcase for your collection of novels. More info at Panik Design.


25. Plus Concrete storage solution





If you love raw design, you’re going to love the Plus Concrete Storage Solution.

A simple concrete cuboid transforms itself into whatever unit you put your mind to. You can use it as a seat, side table, accent table, storage unit, step stool and more. The possibilities really are endless with this one. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about buying another table again since it’s made from durable concrete!

Storage cube systems are not only modular but also space-saving. Are you interested in more ideas for small homes?


26. Brickbox



These pile up boxes are not just handy for easily moving things from one home to another, they can then stand on their ends and stack sturdily, resulting in an eye-catching wall of unique storage while reducing cardboard waste in moving.

Brickbox is durable, comes in various colors, and sleekly store your books, records, pictures, and plants until it’s time to move again. Then? You just grab and go.


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