10 Versatile Coffee Tables With Removable Tray

Tray top coffee tables fit well in minimalist, space-optimized interiors. Here are just three benefits of a coffee table with removable tray. You can almost effortlessly bring your coffee, pen and paper, and phone with you to another part of the house.

Cleaning is a breeze, just take the tabletop to the kitchen to wipe it off. When you need extra table top space, you take off the top and voilà. What’s more, the following design pieces are a true pleasure to look at.

1. Batea S Coffee Table



No matter how tidy you keep your home, junk always seems to accumulate on the living-room table. The Batea S Coffee Table has a hidden secret: take off the top, and underneath there’s a shallow tray to hold your goods.

The tray is deep enough to hold things like remote controls or magazines, but shallow enough to preserve the minimalist lines of the table.


2. Salver Table



The Salver Table is a minimal table created by China-based designer UMN design. It is an iron table with a straight symmetrical pattern. The tray can be lifted and used as an individual piece.

There is also a storage space within to store smaller items which is accessible by just lifting the tray. The legs of the table extend down from the surface to form a clean shape from any viewpoint.


3. Stool Molde



The Stool Molde which is ideal for all spaces, it combines both form & functionality in one product. With its sturdy tray on top, the Stool Molde performs as a handy side table, or a perfect coffee table in a cluster of two or three at different heights and colors.

If you remove the tray, you’ve got the perfect place to rest your feet after a hard day’s work or somewhere for guests to rest themselves as you catch-up over tea. Dimensions: Stool Diameter 50 cm, Height 40 cm. Tray Diameter 52 cm, Height 4.5 cm.


4. Tray RECTANGULAR Side Table



The Tray Rectangular Side Table designed and produced by the Danish design furniture label HAY, can be used as coffee table in the living room, as a nightstand in the bedroom, a serving table in the dining room, or simply as a side table in a modern lounge.

The accompanying removable tray proves very useful when clearing the table.
The Tray Square Table Side Table by HAY comes in different colors and sizes.


5. Flip Around Stool



The Flip Around Stool designed by Norm Architects is a host to all sorts of uses, from holding your phone and keys in the entryway to serving up a hot meal in its catch-all tray.

When tipped upside down as a holder, it also provides a handle for easy transport of items, including your breakfast cereal and glass of orange juice. When it’s not pretending to be your executive assistant, it can be used as a side table or stool.


6. Tray Top Sofa Server Table




The Tray Top Sofa Server is a wonderful place to put things within easy reach. It is a functional modern sofa side table with removable black serving tray. This clever design nestles close to your favorite seat.

The removable black serving tray complements many decorations and it is built to be used with its durable brushed nickel handles. What’s more? It is easily assembled! Therefore this table is a must have!
Dimensions: 18W x 18″D x 21.5″H”


7. Quadro Stool



The Quadro Stool’s design takes contrasting colors and blends them together in a funky yet functional piece. The wooden top can be flipped to reveal a tray for food, drinks or your best knitting projects, tucked carefully beside you while you lounge on the couch.

When you’re not using the tray, the Quadro becomes a comfy footrest or coffee table that will spark the interest of anyone who sees it. Wow your guests with this multifunctional stool and explore the character of your space with this lively furniture piece!


8. Tip Coffee Table


The Tip Coffee Table which is made of solid oak is available in white and black versions. The singular use of oak wood makes the table sturdy and resistant to wear.

The tabletop is shaped like a tray, and is removable to allow easy serving of food and drinks. Indeed these tables truly combine form and function in a beautiful way.


9. Duplé Side Table





The Duplé Side Table is an assorted table used for both serving and seating. The tables are designed to perform several functions in order to serve the owner needs.

It is easy and diverse to use with the intention to increase its lifespan, and the owner’s connection to it.


10. Tray Table



The Tray Table, based on a 1970 design by Danish modernist Hans Wegner, has been adapted for the today’s living rooms with its innovative reversible tray top. With one side colored creamy white and the other smoked oak, the tray top can be flipped around to suit any mood or décor.

Made from two metal frames that lock together at the base to form a sturdy cross shape, the tray table is collapsible for easy transport. Being detachable from the main frame, the tray top also features a sleek smoked oak handle for carriage and other uses, such as serving, independent of the base.


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