17 Modern Nesting Side Tables

Whether you prefer nesting tables made out of wood and metal, acrylic or even faux-marble, your desires will be met. These contempory design nesting tables not only look stunning but allow for playful use in your home as well.


1. 519 Petalo Occasional Tables



These organic-shaped nesting tables are the perfect addition to any home. Whether your home boasts a more modern appeal, or whether your home talks of a more enlightened regard, the 519 Petalo Occasional Tables by Charlotte Perriand are functional, sleek, and different for the eye to take in.

The set of five comes in two versions: tables with tops in a different bright color or all table tops in black oak.


2. Iso-A and Iso-B Side Tables

Iso-A & B-side-tables


Some couples are just meant to be, and these two lovebirds work in tandem to create a versatile furniture piece that serves whatever need you have.

The Iso-A and Iso-B Side Tables by Petit Friture are perfectly in sync as they hug each other’s frames, creating an impressive two-tier table. The complementary square and circle shapes can be taken apart for separate use and smoothly slid back together again later.


3. Ueno Side Table/Stool





The Ueno Side Table/Stool  is more than just a table – it’s an occasional night stand, occasional seat, and of course, an occasional place to eat your Chinese takeout.

Whatever you decide to use it for, you don’t need a lot of space for it. That’s because this table easily stacks out of the way and out of your hair when you don’t need it. Multiple tables fit snugly together and provide quick seating or a stool should you need one.


4. Contour Side Tables





Bower’s Contour Side Tables are a feast for the eyes. The two tables, both with half-moon glass for their surface areas, slide together and apart to create a highly functional work of art.

You can arrange them any way you please, whether that’s close together for a full-circle table or apart to make two end tables. The hollow frame allows you to use the inside as storage for magazines, books and coffee table necessities.


5. Cluster Nesting Table





Cute and quaint, this trio of modern tables is a sheer delight. The Cluster Nesting Table is a great solution to small spaces where large, plush furniture isn’t a luxury.

The three tables fit neatly together when not in use or only a single table is needed, but they can be pulled out when guests arrive or you need more space. Eloquently designed with tasteful color coordination, they’re a necessity for small space living.


6. Vittsjö Nesting Tables




Vittsjö nesting glass coffee tablesnesting is another smart way to be space efficient.

Nesting these glass coffee tables will spare you space. If more space is available just take them apart to increase your table surface. Read more about Vittsjö Nesting Tables.


7. Acrylic Nesting Side Tables



HOMCOM’s Acrylic Nesting Tables are pretty much glass slippers for grown-ups. They’re completely see-through and make a stunning arrangement in your living room. In fact, you can match them with anything; they are impossible to clash with.

They may get a bit smudged up, but they’re easily cleaned with soap and water. They’re also quite sturdy. Jazz them up a bit with some colored glass coasters and you’ll be golden!


8. His and Hers Nest of Tables





Slender, sleek and totally in fashion, the His and Hers Nest of Tables are wonderfully restrained with just a touch of color. These modern nesting tables form a pair of end tables, varying heights of course, that can adapt to any situation.

They’re high enough to hug the arm of your couch while you snuggle up with a cup of coffee, but they’re small enough to tuck into the corner when you need to free up some space.


9. Madison Nesting Table Set





Decorate your home the simple way with Carolina Cottage’s Madison Nesting Tables. Three separate tables combine beautifully into a seamless, multi-tiered table set.

Whatever your need, whether that be a drink stand or a place to rest your favorite book, Madison Nesting Table Set steps up to the challenge and provides you with demure modern furniture that’s as timeless as its function.


10. Flor Supplement TableFlor-table


Flor Supplement Table

The Flor Supplement Table gives buyers the option to purchase however many tables they want while still keeping the stacking ability. Three sizes are available, and each scoots neatly under the other and out of the way.

Its myriad of uses and sturdy build makes it ideal for homes with children. Smaller kids can use it as a desk or play table, while older kids can use the table as a seat or end table for their bed.


11. Ponant Coffee Table Set





This hefty hexagonal table only looks heavy; it’s actually a lightweight nesting table that divides up into two separate pieces. The Ponant Coffee Table Set is perfect as a centerpiece for your living room and can be made into a makeshift dining table with low-seated cushions.

As two tables, both have ample storage space underneath to stretch out your legs or store magazines and other knick knacks.


12. Pink Studio Set





Nesting tables have a bit of a bad reputation: practical and useful, yes, but usually a bit beige and boring. These enamel-topped round tables fit neatly inside each other, and the shades of putty and pink will bring a touch of mid-century style to your living room.

The Pink Studio Set have three iron legs (more stable than four) linked at top and bottom by a C-shaped bracket.


13. Alex Stackable Side Tables






The Alex Stackable Side Table Set is as classic as they come. Made from oiled oak, the tables are modelled on the classic three-legged milking stool, and the legs are designed to line up perfectly so the smaller tables can be entirely hidden within the larger.

Or you can spread the three tables out, to give a scattered effect. The height, width, and length are almost the same measurements, giving a feeling of sturdiness and stability.


14. Accent Round Nesting Tables


Wild and wavy, these nesting tables are a shining example of furniture that keeps the ‘fun’ in ‘multifunctional’. Adeco’s khaki green nesting tables can be used either as seating or side tables, and they work equally well outdoors as well as indoors.

Alternatively, the Accent Round Nesting Tables could be used as colorful decorations in a child’s room or bedroom. When not in use, they cozy up to one another and out of your way.


15. Low Roller Coffee Table





What alternate universe did this alien technology come from? The out-of-this-world design of the Low Roller Coffee Table will get your friends and family talking, but just wait until they see what it can do. Inside the larger table is a smaller one bent into the same fluid form.

Use the flat surface for a casual coffee table or flip it to create an even more eye-catching centerpiece.


16. Steady Constant Side Tables



The Steady Constant Side Tables are the ultimate luxury for those looking for a modern appeal but having little space to do so.

The smaller table nests perfectly under the larger one, giving you two pieces of furniture to use and decorate with for the size of one. These tables boast a polished, expensive look without the price tag, and are functional in any space, big or small.


17. Osis Nesting Tables






The Osis Edition 1 Tables are beyond beautiful. The osmosis effect used to dye the wood makes it look like marble. This marvelous coloring effect may just make you forget that its a highly useful piece that separates into three highly useful tables.

These bold organic pieces are hard to top, and each can easily function on its own without any aesthetic or functional assistance from the others. Hollow spaces in the top two tables provide a good bit of storage, although the Osis certainly doesn’t need any extra decoration.




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