Nuit System, Table, Desk, Nightstand, Storage Combo




This multipurpose table is ideal for a bedroom as a bedside, but also fits well in the hall of living room a house.




Nuit system derives its name from the French word La Nuit meaning the night. Reckoning this multipurpose piece as a nightstand only because of its name however, wouldn’t justify its usefulness. Nuit system can be used as a small table with drawers, a little desk for working from the couch or a ottoman. Apart from that it also is a great item for, storage or to use as a shelf.



The drawers of the cabinet can be configured together but also spaced apart. The table is available in many different colors. Because of its adaptability and convenient size Nuit system makes a great addition to space-limited dwellings and more spacious homes alike. Nuit, as beautiful and atmospheric as the night yet as practical as daylight.




  • Height: 18.5 “- 28.75 “ / 47 cm – 73 cm.
  • Table top 17”- 17” / 43 cm – 43 cm.

Nuit System is designed by Bernard Vuamesson for Resource Furniture.



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