Ollie Shape-Shifting Chair


Ollie chair can be easily transformed from a sleek design chair into a flat profile that can stand or hang on a wall. Space saving and weather-proof, therefore suited for indoor and outdoor use.



Quicker than a magician can make his lovely assistant disappear, the Ollie Chair from designers Jessica Banks and Pete Schlebecker appears to be an optical illusion as it is folded up into thin air.



The Ollie chair can hold a considerable amount of weight, but when folded up, it’s only an inch thick.

This disappearing act impresses many, especially when a simple string can be pulled to pop the chair back out again. This furniture makes the best use of space.



A Kickstarter campaign has successfully resulted in the manufacturing of the Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot. Pre-order at UncommonGoods.


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