OpenBook, Read, Research, Relax, Recharge Chair

OpenBook is a lounge chair with integrated magazine racks and book shelves. If you like reading you can keep your literature close with Openbook but what we also like is its enclosed nature. It feels like you’re in some sort pod. Able to literally hide away with whatever your are reading.


Openbook lounge chair
plenty space for books, coffee and mobile devices on one side


keep your magazines on the other side


Great for doing some work too. It is clear that one of the most essential tools in ergonomically veratnwoord werken is changing posture. And Openbook makes for a very welcoming way of varying your habits of sitting behind a desk.


an empty OpenBook is beautiful too
fits great in a minimalist interior too.


One drawback we see here, feeling all snug in your cocoon with your reading material you may not want to get out of your library chair anymore.

A creation of London based studio Tilt. More photos and info.




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