Orbit Console Bench Storage Unit




Orbit, a modern, multifunctional furniture piece, is described by the designer, Nersi Nasseri, as:

“one of the most versatile pieces we make.”

The piece features a rectangular shell of strong grey ambrosia maple wood that has been hollowed out in its centre to form an oval inner shelf.




The inner space is layered with vinyl, with a range of colours available, and the ambrosia maple can be substituted for another hardwood of the buyer’s choice.

Nasseri’s comments on Orbit’s many uses are accurate.




The piece can be used as a low bench in a contemporary living room, a TV stand with associated storage space for DVDs or books underneath, or simply as a storage unit for everything else.




Sentient even suggests that Orbit would be easily adapted for use in a home bar or cellar, with the curved base of the inner storage space perfect for storing wine or other bottled drinks on their side.

The piece, which is hand-crafted, measures 1.67m in length, 0.35cm in width and 0.43m in height.



Orbit is created in Brooklyn, New York, by design firm Sentient.



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