12 Outdoor Stackable Chairs

Looking for stackable patio chairs that don’t look like cheap, plastic, a dime a dozen party chairs? Look no further, we have gathered a selection of stackable outdoor design chairs.

The following garden chairs would fit in modern and vintage design museum expositions. And they are stackable too – combining style with practicality.

What more would you want? Comfort, weather-proof, easy to clean and lift, light but sturdy, a more traditional look? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find your favorite outdoor chair that will perk up your yard and, if you want, the indoors too.

1. Dr. Yes Stackable Armchair


The Dr. Yes Armchair is made from hard-to-scratch, easy-to-clean polypropylene, and was originally designed for contract use. Since its launch in the 1990s, the Dr Yes has become popular in homes because it represents an affordable way to own an original Phillippe Starck design.

It’s not just light and durable but comfortable too, with downward-curving edges so that the seat doesn’t dig into the back of your legs. The back and legs have a glossy finish, while the seat is gently textured to resemble fabric.


2. Penelope Lounge Chair



The Penelope Lounge Chair is a modern take on an old-fashioned wicker chair. It has a hand-woven plastic seat, suspended from a powder-coated steel frame with mid-century style hairpin legs.

The seat is wide and comfortable: no wicker splinters or hard edges digging into your butt. Although it’s weatherproof and designed to be used outdoors, chuck a throw over it and some pillows on top and it’s comfortable enough to use in the lounge.


3. Bica Chair


This 70-year-old design classic is named after a type of Portuguese coffee. The light metal frame means the BICA Chairs can be stacked up to 5 high for easy storage.

Each chair is galvanized before being painted in one of 200 colors, giving it unbeatable resistance to corrosion: the manufacturer claims it can last up to 20 years outside without damage.


4. Vegetal Chair



The Vegetal stackable chair brings to mind the images of lush, tropical getaways, sandy beaches, and dense rainforests. It’s practically springing alive with greenery!

Using organic forms to create a stackable, space-saving chair, the Bouroullec brothers have simultaneously changed the face of ergonomic furniture with lifelike creations designed to impress.


5. Tio Easy Chair



This stackable chair is made of powder-coated galvanized wire, with a just-right-for-slouching bucket seat. Tio Easy Chair is available in 8 colors, with an optional seat cushion.

The wire frame is light but sturdy: you can easily lift the chairs with one hand and move a whole stack without putting your back out. Slightly angled legs keep the chair locked into place while you’re sitting, so it doesn’t feel flimsy despite its low weight.


6. Star Armchair Emu



The Star Stackable Armchair by Emu is a colorful version of a classic café chair. The frame is made of varnished steel, with a galvanized sheet metal back.

They’re heavy (nearly 18lbs each) but since the frame is so thin and strong they can be stacked up to 12 high. Available in half a dozen different colorways, you can buy a coordinating set or mix and match between shades.


7. Masters Chair



The Masters Chair from Philippe Starck has one of the most wicked designs we’ve ever seen. Those with sinful taste will appreciate the sultry curves and pointed “horns” on the chair’s back, but this little devil does more than just look good.

It combines the function and features of three popular modern designs to create the ultimate chair for both social and work events.


8. Round Chair Set of 4



Round chairs have a simple classic look with a comfortable design that hugs your body. They’re made of outdoor-grade powder coated steel, and even the optional cushions are weatherproof.

The Round Chair Set is stackable up to 8 high, for easy storage when summer is over. There’s also a matching lounge chair available, to use by the pool or on the patio.


9. Hardwood Stacking Chairs



Stacking chairs tend to be made of tough plastic or sensible steel; these are the first Hardwood Stacking Chairs we’ve ever seen. They’re made from Brazilian eucalyptus, a slow-growing tropical tree whose wood is naturally water-resistant.

Instead of hiding their natural beauty under varnish, these chairs need to be rubbed down twice a year with linseed oil to keep the luster of the wood. With a comfortably curved seat and sturdy mortise and tenon construction, these chairs are an investment buy which will last for decades.


10. Entourage Stacking Chair



Are you tired of paying for expensive chairs that suck up all of your space? The Entourage Stack Chair is the best of both quality and function, and it stacks out of the way when you don’t need it!

The curved backrest is supportive and comfortable, while the lack of arms encourages better posture when sitting. The Entourage is suited for either indoor or outdoor activities, so don’t worry about rain damage!


11. Luxembourg Chair



This tubular aluminum chair is based on the classic outdoors seating found in Jardin du Luxembourg: manufacturer Fermob has been producing public seating for Paris parks since the 1920s.

The Luxembourg Chairs weigh just over 8 pounds each and can be stacked up to 10 high. They are available in two dozen jaunty colors, each guaranteed for three years against breakage or fading.


12. Leaf / 1803 by Arper



The Leaf Chair isn’t just weatherproof; it looks at home in the outdoors. Like many outdoors stacking chairs, it has a light-but-tough powder-coated steel frame, and it stacks up to 6 chairs high.

The thing which makes the Leaf stand out is the beautiful shape of the frame. It’s inspired by the tracery of a leaf, and features delicate strands growing out from a central spine.


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