Pi-Workstation Multipurpose Desk, Dining Table & Chair

multipurpose desk
stylish desk, dinner table, chair combo

The global trend of living in increasingly smaller places* leads to nifty product developments. Take for example the Pi-workstation.

It’s a desk with two areas to store books. Remove the books on the side and you have a chair. Take the books andr emove the bookshelf from below the surface and it’s a dinner table.

If you remove the books you've got a dinner table
If you remove the books you’ve got a dinner table

Want to make room for a dinner date? These bookends make a nifty solution to effortlessly clearing the surfaces. Two wood pieces and an elastic band holds your books together. Picking them up to free your seat is easier than easy. Via Menu Design Shop.

Bind your books, optimize your changeable lifestyle.
Bind your books, optimize your changeable lifestyle.

With the Pi-Workstation, designer Joe Manus has created a delightful piece of multifunctional furniture, both in functionality as well as appearance.

Does it bring back memories of your school life? Its design is by a turn of the century school house desk.

*Compact, changeable living in urban environments is being served better and better by designers and furniture companies. Ikea for example, recently anounced their PS (Post Scriptum) 2014 collection On the Move. A collection focused on urban dwellers living in mico apartments. (Nowadays 20% of the population in cities live on less than 30 square meters).


Pi-Workstation is designed by Joe Manus.


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