Polder Sofa Modular Sofa System





After four years of careful tweaks and refurbishing, redoing and reinventing, designer Hella Jongerius has brought new life to her classically designed Polder sofa, originally designed to evoke images of the Polder landscape in the Netherlands.




Jongerius, who firmly believes in the “old made new” approach to design work, brings us a refreshing take on modern furniture.




Improvements to the new sofa are evident in the raised cushions, thicker armrests, and bright, warm colors (versus the old brown, taupe and white).




The custom-made buttons are an especially nice touch.

Another consideration for Jongerius was that it needed to be more economically designed, lowering production costs.


The updated sofa, designed for the Swiss furniture company Vitra, launched in Milan, which is considered by most to be the fashion capital of the world.




Jongerius plans to develop more designs that revamp the staples of classic designers and stick to the roots of her inspiration.





With her Polder sofa leading the way, her future work is sure to pave the way for new innovation in design and décor.

Hit the link to learn more about the Polder Sofa.




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