REK Bookcase Extends and Connects




REK bookcase by Rotterdam-based designer and architect Reinier de Jong reminds me of a harmonica, because different units slide together easily.

The bookcase is actually made up of five separate parts that fit together to form a massive block.




The small shelves are appropriate for storing magazines, newspapers or minor items.

To customize the size of your bookcase the five parts can be slid in and out of each other. At its largest, the bookcase is 228 centimetres wide.




Since this modular bookcase can be used for more books as required, it has a much longer shelf life. (pun, obviously, intended).

Reinier de Jong has also created REK expandable coffee table, a very stylish and modular table.




Besides the REK Original there is a REK Junior, a smaller bookcase for children, which grows with their age.

the different dimensions

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