Rocky Bed, a Cradle a Cot and a Junior Bed, All In One




Rocky from studio jäll & tofta can be adjusted as the child grows older. Children grow fast and before you know it they have outgrown their nocturnal refuge.

When there are younger brothers or sisters they can take over but even then a bed that grows with your little one is just a smart solution.




Rocky has a long usability, because it is flexible and adaptable. It grows and changes with your child. First it is a combination of a cradle for the baby and a rocking-chair for the parents, combined into one.

Another rocking bed we featured before is Rockid. This cradle slash rocking chair is geared towards younger kids though.




As the child grows the cradle can be rotated 180° and turns into a children‘s bed with a length of 140 cm.

Rocky is ergonomic, because the height of the bed is tailored to the putting and lifting out of the child by the parent.




You can use the bedrail for greater safety. Not only does it provide a safe enclosure for kids, it also makes for a playful bed.




Also the space underneath can serve as storage or play area for children. We can see how they can let their imagination run wild by envisioning a pirate ship with two decks, a prison cell, a two story home, or just a fun bed with multiple spaces.


Rocky bed -instructions


The baby cradle (stage one of your use of your Rocky bed), allows the parents to swing with their baby. Then when baby outgrows the cradle, simply flip it over, insert the side panels (conversion kit) and you have a gorgeous cot (2)!

Then when baby turns into a toddler, flip it again and remove the side panels and you have a junior bed (with a safety panel (3) or without (4))…plus storage space. Size: 1550 x 1070 x 750 mm

Learn more at JaellundTofta.




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