Skaffa Modular Minimalist Bookcases




Italian modular design and engineering from designer Ampelio Piarotto brings us the Skaffa bookshelf, a grid-style furniture piece that allows you to build upon its base with other Skaffa pieces to modify size and color to fit your needs.




Stick with the standard option for a minimalist look and feel, or upgrade to the Harlequin model for pops of color on the siding.




Wall mounting tools are provided for any Skaffa shelves more than 171 cm tall to ensure security and stability.





These shelves don’t have to be just for books, though. Use Skaffa in your kitchen for storing pots, pans and utensils, or create a walk-in closet and fill your shelves with your favorite fashions.




You can even use it to store shoes, provided you have the inventory for the larger Skaffa models.




Smaller models are perfect for entryways and can be transformed into a unique side table.





More info about the Skaffa Bookcase here.



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