Smith Mobile Storage Unit Seat Workdesk


Storage Unit white
mobile multipurpose piece of furniture


Having furniture and storage that is mobile has many advantages:

you can move it at will to wherever you want in your home, and you aren’t stuck having it in the same place for years, collecting dust.


storage container and workdesk


When mobile, the furniture can evolve and move with you.


available in different colors


The Smith Multipurpose Storage Unit by Jonathan Olivares stands at a modest 18 inches high and is made out of a sturdy metal with four different paint finish options.


stool and shelf


Its many uses include being a bookshelf, storage container, work desk or impromptu seating, all on wheels.

Another multipurpose piece of furniture is ModosĀ reconfigurable furniture system.


hung on the table


The spacious cubby underneath Smith’s top allows you to store all the supplies you need, and its design allows you to hook it onto a table to function as a drawer.


functional and practical


The Smith unit is also stackable, allowing you to build on to create bigger and better shelving.

made of sturdy metal


More info and purchaseĀ here.



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