11 Stylish Space Saving Coffee Tables

People all over the world are living in smaller spaces and even if you are living in a micro-apartment or tiny home, you still want to be able to comfortably enjoy your favorite hot beverage.

Because scaling down is hot, bulky coffee tables, don’t fit the modern lifestyle of urban dwellers anymore. That’s why nifty solutions are sprouting like cockle amongs the wheat. For inspiration, here a list of the most stylish, yet highly functional space saving coffee tables. No shin-bruising space hoggers here.


1. REK Coffee Table

extendable space-saving coffee table
transformable, extendable coffee table

REK Coffee Table, retractable blocks make for optimal flexibility. two middle parts slight out in two different directions and can be moved independently from each other. An amazing design by Reinier de Jong.


2. Sofa / Arm Chair Table


flexible wood arm tray


For the really tiny living spaces a couch arm table such as this one from Amazon may be a convenient option. If there’s no space for a separate table this elegant Sofa / Arm Chair Table will function greatly.


3. Alton Coffee Table with Hidden Seating


Alton coffee table
seats are hidden under the coffee table when not in use


Simple but very efficient use of the space under this coffee table. Four square shaped seats can be pulled out from under the Alton Coffee Table when needed. What’s so clever about the shape of these ottoman-like seats is that they can double as additional tables providing space for trays and other necessities.


4. Matchbox


Matchbox table by Schulte Furniture
slides like a matchbox for convenient storage


The Matchbox Coffee Table from Schulte Furniture has modern looks and is space-saving making it a great addition for a small Manhattan apartment as well as a spacious mansion. When the sides are pulled a liberal storage compartment emerges. The Matchbox table features a stainless steel or colored glass table top.


5. Tetra with Pull Out Surfaces


Tetra space saving table
pull out additional surfaces when needed (or for great looks)

Four pull-out surfaces add versatility to this table. Slide the shelves into their slots when not in use. The Tetra comes in different colors and customization is an option because you can vary with differently colored surfaces as well. More at Sculptures Jeux.


6. Vittsjö Nesting Tables

Vittsjo nesting glass coffee tables
nesting is another smart way to be space efficient

Nesting these glass coffee tables will spare you space. If more space is available just take them apart to increase your table surface. Read more about Vittsjö.


7. Lift-Top Coffee Table




If your living space is limited this Lift-Top Coffee Table may be a great addition to your place. Not only do its contemporary looks fit in any interior, it is highly functional too. The lift top lets you use it as a little desk just as easily as a coffee table. Source, Amazon.


8. MK1 Transforming Coffee Table


transform your coffee table into a dinner table


MK1 Transforming Table. A great addition for homes in which you have to optimally use your space. MK1 does double duty, transform it from coffee to dining table in mere seconds.

We like it not only for its functionality but we really dig how the design transforms with its function. From a robust, rather enclosed structure to a pretty sleek dinner table.


9. Mister T Multi-Purpose Coffee Table


Mr T coffee table
a coffee table, tray, floor pillows, and seat in one.


This table is as versatile as Mister T from the A-Team is strong (and grumpy). We don’t know if there’s a link between the two but it certainly is a beautiful piece. Here’s more about this coffee table.


10. Monarch Coffee Table


tuck it up close to your sofa


The Monarch Coffee Table is small and agile, able to follow you all the way through your little apartment. Keep it close at the couch,   put it where it doesn’t take up any space.


11. ioHOMES Coffee Table




Convenient and versatile with two two pocket drawers that can be pulled out and in. The ioHomes Coffee Table is made out of wood, medium fiber board and strength enhancing veneers.


Can’t get enough? Here’s more ingenious coffee tables.


21 Coffee Tables With (Hidden) Storage Space

Do you like these space-saving coffee tables? Saw one you would want to add to your living room? Drop your comment below.

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