Stack, Stand, Stall with Steel Stool


This stool is a  true double and triple duty product. Besides its use as a small side table (which all stools do) it has some additional uses.


The Steel Stool, when lined up makes a trendy coffee table. When stacked, a unique bookshelf evolves.




Steel Stool’s diagonal panels allow for storing books, magazines, tablets and other daily used items. Varying with how you place the geometric design allows for playfulness in the setup of multiple units.

The modular units allow for grouping, stacking, combining, and creating. All without the use of screws, tools, or glue.




Its handle makes the stools easily transportable addding to its versatility.

The design is a merger of British woodworking artisanry and traditional antique Provencal furniture.




Steel Modular Stool from Noon Studio, the London- and Avignon-based design studio responsible for this creative furniture.




Stackable Multipurpose Totem Stool

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