19 Stylish Storage Stools

The benefits of storage stools are obvious. Space that’s often unused is now allocated to store stuff you want to keep at hand yet don’t want to have in plain sight.

Dedicated storage solutions take up space too so if you can manage to hide your miscellaneous items in these eye-pleasing furniture pieces you’re being very space-efficient. As you can see there’s a wide range of styles and shapes that can accomodate your personal taste and needs.


1. TamTam Bongo Side Table


The TamTam is based on the shape of a traditional African drum, with a flat top and round belly on three legs. The top lifts off to reveal interior storage space.

It can work as a side table or a stool, with three options for the top: a flat tray to hold drinks, a plain cushioned top, or a fancy cushioned top with padding embroidered into the shape of a face with two buttons for eyes.


2.Sprout Square Storage Ottoman


The Sprout Square Storage Ottoman is the low maintenance footrest you’ve been searching for. Made from extremely durable Baltic Birch wood, this ottoman is totally fabric-free – that means no vacuuming it or using expensive leather cleaners!

You can also use it as a side table or makeshift coffee table. The storage inside can hold several magazine volumes, keeping all the material for your reading nook close at hand.


3. Bubu 1er Stool



The Bubu 1er Stool is a modern multifunctional stool by designer Philippe Starck. Versatile because of its many uses, such as storage bin, planter, vase, laundry basket or small side table. It’s up to you.

Bubu is made of polypropylene and available in various colors.  For more info visit Made In Design.


4. Amelia Tufted Ottoman


The beautiful colored upholstery Amelia Tufted Ottoman looks great in the living area or bedroom.

These ottomans feature storage space and are available in a wide range of different colors. An asset for your modern home.


5. Krei Hejmo Storage Stool

It’s a stool, it’s a side table, it’s a storage box. The Krei Hejmo Storage Ottoman is suitable for a range of uses.

The  thermoplastic polymer body -available in white or black -is sturdy and stable and has a solid bamboo seat.


6. Wizard Storage Stool

Wizzard Storage Stool

The Wizard Storage Stool, available in six eye-popping colors, is bar-style seating with a twist.

The cushioned seat lifts up to reveal ample storage similar to an ottoman, but it only takes up half the space. It even includes a handle for easy lifting. Available at Premier Interiors.


7. The Box And the Cube



With its monotone design, anyone looking at The Box and Thge Cube would think of it as just another Plain Jane. However, hidden beneath its subtle exterior is a world of storage that will have you rethinking what furniture can do.

The Box and The Cube have many color choices to liven up a room with some modular charm, and you can easily scoot multiple Boxes together to form a cluster of seating or extra storage.


8. Bucket Stool



The Bucket Stool‘s quaint design makes a unique and eye-catching addition to your home.

The bucket by Pedersen & Lennard is made from recycled steel and holds an upholstered cushion to create comfy seating with a rainbow of color options.


9. Crosby Ottoman




Who could possibly say no to more storage space, especially when it doesn’t take up any extra room? The cozy Crosby Ottoman has hidden storage just beneath its lid, but it also makes for a great foot rest that cradles your sore feet in comfort after a long day.

Its sleek exterior has enough padding to make for a comfortable seat too. It’s a quaint addition to your décor that can hold all your secrets inside!


10. Candy Storage Pouff


The Candy Storage Pouff by Italian Design Company  Calligaris adds fun to any room.

Brightly colored, with multiple color options available to match any room, its lightweight plastic frame is easily movable, and the cushion is removable for bucket storage.


11. Cork Cup Stool



The Cork Multifunctional Cup Stool makes its way onto the list because of its use for both indoors and outdoors.

The cork top lifts off easily for storage, and you can use it as both seating or a side table.


12. Bread box



Instead of opening at the side like most bread boxes, this ingenious model has a wooden lid which slides off and turns into a cutting board. It’s made by Berlin-based design house My Kilos, who have made designed the square box to perfectly fit a loaf of traditional German rye bread – although of course, Bread Box will work fine for a white supermarket loaf too.

The flat top means that the boxes can be stacked, so if you aren’t keen on bread you can use these practical boxes for storage around the house.


13. Storage Ottoman



Simple, sturdy and multifunctional, the 4723 RD Storage Ottoman features a solid wooden frame and sleek vinyl with several color options.

Remove the top, which also functions as a tray when flipped, to reveal a second, smaller ottoman.


14. K-Stool



The K-Stool is just that pop of color you need to lighten your décor. Available in a variety of bold, flavorful colors, it’s the perfect storage and companion seat. The top of the stool easily lifts off to reveal bucket storage underneath.

You could be sitting down having dinner with friends, and no one would know the seat holds your young child’s toys (which are normally spread everywhere).

You don’t have to tell them, but you might want to in order to see the amazed looks on their faces when they discover they’re sitting on a treasure trove! Check it out at Luxxbox.


15. Babà Stool




Alessi’s Babà Stool has all the curve and appeal of a modern vase.

This chic storage stool cleverly disguises itself as decoration, all the while hiding whatever trinkets you need out of sight underneath its top.


16. Skyline Storage Bench



Chevron stripes create a vibrant look with Skyline Furniture’s Skyler Storage Ottoman.

Its variety of uses makes it one of the most versatile storage options; use it as a coffee table or bench and enjoy the spacious storage it provides. Grab one here.


17. Bocker Hocker




Knast’s Bocker Seating veils spacious storage in a steel frame that looks much like a desk, and it functions as one too.

Use it for double seating, a side table, or a work space. Bocker’s muted color scheme lends itself to any room décor. More info available at German-based Deparso.


18. Modway Haste Stool



Brightly colored outdoor furniture is one of the best ways to enjoy summer décor. You can add a little more sunshine to your day when you have the Modway Haste Stool, which comes in four magnificently bold colors.

Modway is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and includes storage beneath the seat/lid.


19. Ghost Storage Stool



If you’re looking for a stool that’s built to last, look no further than the Ghost Storage Stool.

With a paint finish of either white or pale gray, this stool’s top is made of oak, the strongest wood available. Simply remove the top to store items inside. More info at Adventures in Furniture.




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