Superbambi Cute Little Chair With Superpowers



This boldly colored chair can be transformed into a stool, small table, coat rack, child’s desk, and step ladder. The wood multifunctional piece consists of  two movable parts, an orange backrest and a white base that forms the seat of the chair.


Superbambi by Scoope
Superbambi the superhero among little multipurpose chairs


Superbambi is the creative child of Elda Bellone and David Carbone. Both designers who strongly advocate sustainability.


Superbambi chair turned children's desk
Superbambi shapeshifted to a children’s desk


A cute chair with a funky name. A name that actually makes a lot of sense since it’s heaps of cuteness and packs of flexibility combined in a tiny piece of furniture.

Learn more about Superbambi at Scoope Design.



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