Swing Boat Anna



As children grow older, their tastes and preferences when it comes to furniture change.

With conventional single-purpose furniture, this means disposing of the old and spending more money on the new.




Anna Swing Boat, by Belgian design lab Arthur and Friends, is a multifunctional piece intended to grow with a child and last until the early teen years.




When placed in the concave position, the piece functions as a ‘swing boat’, with the base of the piece pivoting on the ground to create enjoyable play experiences for young children.




The piece can also be placed upside down to function as a play stage or even a comfortable bench for reading or relaxation.




As children grow older, their desire for play weakens, so the Anna Swing Boat can be turned on its side to create a funky small shelf for the storage of books or other small items.



As a mother of two herself, the designer Leen understands that the constant replacement of furniture as children grow older can become costly, which is why the Anna Swing Boat is set at a moderate price point to enable early investment for long-run returns.




The piece is constructed from birch plywood, and each piece is made by hand. Although manufactured in Belgium, Anna Swing Boat can be shipped across Europe at a small additional cost. For more info visit Arthur and Friends.



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