T.Shelf, Triangle-Shaped Modular Design Furniture




He whoever says multifunctional furniture has to surrender attractiveness in lieu of functionality should take a glance at T.Shelf.

T.Shelf is an awesome* looking triangular shelf system that can be converted into different shapes and functions. (* we mean awesome in the literal sense of the word here, not the devaluated, worn-out version)

Triangulate its elements so that they fit your needs. The modular designer furniture allows you to create small or large shelving system, allowing you to let it grow with the need for more storage space.




By letting your imagination run wild you can use the items to make very modern creations. All kinds of shapes and sizes are possible. Apart from a wall attached storage solution and table chassis we think there are more possibilities here.

A futuristic looking cupboard for example. Or a hanging kitchen cabinet situated above the kitchen island harboring utensils and pots with herbs. After all, the holes are already present and this is something you will want to place pontifically in your home.




T.Shelf is a modular shelf system, designed by Jaewon Cho for J1 studio in Los Angeles. You can even use the triangles for a very stylish undercarriage of a table.

The tabletop on the photo is made out of 1/2″ tempered glass.


Origami shelf system by J1 Studio


More info about T.Shelf at J1 Sudio.



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